Klash of the Konfessioners

August 23, 2007


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· The entire material or physical structure of an organism, especially of a human or animal.

· The physical part of a person.

· A corpse or carcass.

· The trunk or torso of a human or animal.

· The part of a garment covering the torso.

· A human; a person.

· A group of individuals regarded as an entity; a corporation.

· Anatomy The largest or principal part of an organ; corpus.

· The nave of a church.

· The content of a book or document exclusive of prefatory matter, codicils, indexes, or appendixes.

[Old Konfessioners please note! WE have some fresh blood this week haha.. Priyanka was unaware of the 120 word rule..since it’s her first post, I’m putting it up as it is…! Lord Summer ‘is a stallion’ who writes! and since I’ve been advertising us on orkut a bit..we might have another 2-3 entries..could you wait till Saturday “tomorrow!!” to vote!??! Thanks!!! ]



Kasturi Rangan (138)

King Of The Moaning Dwarves

Was born half a foot,
And grew just a bit.
My mum named me Ralph,
But the others knew not for what it was.
At 5, the Dog ate my left ear,
Mum cried, for why i went near.
But all i did was just walk by,
for the Dog to take me a Rabbit Pie.
Bald by 12, credit my cousin’s craze,
for she took me cute,with my hair ablaze.
Clown of my own play,
Rock in my own Clay.
As the heaven took my mum away,
Away i ran the very next day.
If Brutal ruled half my life,
Peace, i forced in the other half.
At 90, when i still breathe,
I am, but 3foot full of Wisdom and Truth
And Joy as much, as my CRIPPLED BODY can hold!


Santonu (123)

(“…its based on a true accident took place in Kolkata yesterday, the kid met with an accident and his brother named sandeep, lookd for help but cudn’t get it in the heartless city.Eventually the kid passed away. Its not just on the body, i just wanted to feel how it’d have felt when u hug someone hard and feel the life slowly disappears. ..”)–An extract from Santonu’s e-mail to The Konfessioners.

Sandeep was clinging his brother’s body tightly, under that afternoon sun, the whole road and crossing appeared blurred. Blood was trickling out from everywhere but he couldn’t stop it. Through his tearful eyes he still could see the red mark which appeared when he hit him hard with the remote control in the morning, he wanted to kill him! and now he wants to stop him leaving his body, “Oh god, where are u, please help me..help me stopping me this blood” . He tried to stop him going. He clung to his body much harder, only to see the red scar becoming blurred. The siren didn’t reach his ear as he felt he had lost the battle,life has disappeared from his body


Misanthrope (96)

Intemperate motion of the fluid inside,
Causing my body to lose her stress,
Everything that defined her,
Leaving her unknowingly !

Abjured the adjectives from around,
Body became a container for my shapeless soul,
Irrelevant thought of understanding me - as my body,
Probably disturbs me the most,
In those years of incarnation,
I was wandering as a ghost..

Wearing my body & I am still not naked,
The monstrous desires of my being,
Covers me from around,
Everything human is leaving its shape,
As my body is strangled to the death..


Priyanka Acharya (885)

“What…??”, Neha thought, “not again..!!” And finally shouted at her mom, “I can’t go through another humiliation. Please mom, why don’t you people leave me alone? Please stop bothering about my marriage. It just won’t happen.”
And she stormed out of the room.
She sat on her bed, hugging her pillow, and reflecting back on the past two years of the melodrama going on in the family. She was 33 years old, not beautiful but attractive with good features, had a doctorate in English, was earning well as a lecturer at the local university, had a very engaging and caring nature, and always had a smile on her face, but the only obstacle in her marriage was her body. She was obese. Now that she thought of the past two years, the ten-odd guys she had met, had all rejected her because of her body. And she was feeling pretty humiliated by now, and when she heard of the eleventh guy coming to visit her the next day, she thought that she just couldn’t take another rejection. She decided to do something about it.
She went to her mother and said, “Mom, I want to talk to this Mr. Mayank, who is coming to meet me tomorrow, right now.”
Her mother was surprised, “But why beta?”
Neha was exasperated, her nerves stretched to breaking-point. Controlling her anger, she said, “Please mother, you won’t understand. Now will you please give me his number.?”
Her mother was stumped, but nevertheless she gave her Mayank’s office number.
Neha called him at his office. The phone rang twice before being picked up by a gruff-voiced man. She asked tentatively, “Am I speaking to Mr. Mayank?” He replied politely, “Yes, may I know who is this?” She said, “Yes, I am Neha. You are supposedly coming to our place with a marriage proposal for me tomorrow.” He said, “Oh yes, but-” She cut him in mid-sentence, “Please listen to me. Please don’t take me otherwise, but I don’t want you to visit us with this marriage proposal. You must’ve seen my photograph.” He said, “Yes, I have, but-” She again interrupted him, “So you know exactly how I look. In fact I don’t understand why you agreed to come when you know how I look. The same scene will be repeated again tomorrow, you’ll reject me after seeing me, and then make up some excuse, and I’ll have to face another humiliation and my parents have to face another disappointment regarding my marriage. So please spare us.” And she slammed the phone down.
She was pretty sure, Mayank would not come and had not bothered to dress up at all. So when the door bell rang the next evening, she was surprised to hear her father welcoming Mayank in. She was amazed to hear Mayank say, “I want to meet Neha right now.” She was pretty angry at him that he had not paid any heed to her phone call. She stormed into the living room, ready to give him a piece of her mind. But words failed her. There was Mayank, handsome, lean and absolutely fabulous. His photographer hadn’t done justice to him. Her anxiety increased, thinking that he’ll totally reject her. She started to say something but Mayank spoke before she could get a word out. “I came here today because I wanted to meet you. I want to marry you.” Neha was stunned. Was she hearing him correctly? Even her parents were surprised on hearing this. Mayank continued, “I saw your phoograph, and the first thing that struck me was the honesty and dignity in your eyes and on your face. I want a wife, not a model. I always wanted my wife to be a dignified lady, who is honest with herself and the world. I wanted her to be caring, loving and who had the guts to face the truth about anything in this world. And I found all those qualities in you. After you rang off yesterday, I sat and thought about everything you said, and I decided that you are the one I want to marry, ‘cos you are honest with yourself, and you were being honest with me. What does it matter if you are a few kilos over the ideal weight? It is just a body. One day it will perish, but what you have achieved in life, how you have made others happy, will always be cherished and you will always be loved for that, not your body.You’ll always look beautiful to me. So please marry me, else I’ll keep calling at your doorstep everyday of my life.”
Tears were streaming down her face. She realised that whatever Mayank said was from straight from the heart. He really wanted to marry her for the person she was, not for how she looked physically. She was overwhelmed and looked at her parents. They could not believe this was happening. They were so happy. And finally when she looked at Mayank, she knew that she would never regret marrying him.
The marriage took place 3 months later. And the couple looked beautiful and happy, and everybody was amazed at the change in Neha. She was the same as before, physically, but Mayank’s love and support made her the most beautiful woman around.


Lord Summer, the poet (61)

My body is my car,
My body is my truck,
It carries me so far
With on my back a duck

My body is strong
But my body is slave
My master is scrawny
But he rides me like a wave

My body is why I am
One amongst a million
My body is what makes me
Summer, the great Stallion


Truth Dude (111)

She woke up softly, languidly and curled up.

His soft breathing made her want to throw her arm around his chest. The memory of last night reddened her cheeks.
A spark…as she softly caressed his tussle below.

He half-smiled.

‘Wake up, soochi’.

‘Mmmmmmmm, lemme sleep a little more’, he slurred.

Teasingly, she drew small circles on his nipples. She knew he couldn’t resist that.
‘Debauch’ she thought to herself.
‘Grroufff ‘, she breathed into his ear.
And bit him.

‘I need the sleep’ and he pulled the sheet over his head.

‘Not today, soochi.’

‘Smoooooooochi’, he complained.

‘It’s Sunday honey…and breakfast is served’, she announced.
And she climbed onto his face.

Mandappa KC (120)

If you asked me earlier, I would’ve said a woman’s mind is more important than her body. That was until I met her.

Her half moon eyes shone with more luster that polished ivory of a freshly humped elephant. And her face was enough to make ones heart freeze.

Then she slid off her jeans, her dusky complexion like a night out in the wild lit by a hovering moon. Her colour, her texture her tone was enough to wipe the breath clean from my lungs.

Her rosy pink nipples resembled the dots of blush on her face. And her neatly trimmed pelvis seem a paved path to eternity.

I fumbled with the camera. Body first. Atleast behind the camera.

Dok Saab (119)

“To Ramu I give my farms, for his selfless service”
Late Babu Roshan Lal, freedom fighter’s will was being read out,
” to my son, rest of my property. My eyes be given to the Eye Bank, and my body to the KGMC, for the benefit of the medical students.”

“Hey RK, look at this body allotted to us. The old man has no eyeballs.”
“Must have been ogling at some gal, who gouged his eyes”
“Lets play a prank, cut his dick and gift it to Chakku darling, she is acting so pricey with us.”

Thus lied the body of Late Babu Roshan Lal, Freedom Fighter, on the marble slab, eyes gouged, organs mutilated and his pride, humiliated.

Mickey (116)

Thakur Padam Singh was looking at his third bride, in utter disbelief.
There she was lying, calmly in his flower-decorated bed.
Ranno looked beautiful in the red banrasi sari.
Her face had a strange look of peace and agony.
The chit he found under the bottle of rat poison was still in his hand.
“You knew that I loved Lakhiya, still you forced my old father into marrying me to you.
You took fancy to my body, so here is my body for you.
Feast on it and satisfy your hunger.
But my soul belongs to Lakhiya and only he will have it,
We will meet, if not in this life then in the next one.”

Richa Gupta (101)


Adbhut, anupam, nirali hai yovna ki yeh kaya

Nadiya ki chanchalta pushp ki hai komalta

Yeh roop dekh Dushyant ko aur kuch na bhaya

Komal, kamuk, madbhara hai uska har ang

Nayan jhuka ke halka sa muskura ke

Chhed di Dushyant ke man mein jaltarang

Bahupaash mein bhar loon mein, Dushyant ka man ho aaya

Sharirik prem tha yeh ya do aatmayon ka bandhan

Hai!! yeh kaviraj Kalidas spasht na kar paya

Solah basant liye swarnim, sajal hai Shakuntala ki kaya

Isi naari deh ne prerit kiya hai yudh bhi v prem bhi

Prerit kiya hai kaam krodh moh aur maya

Anahita Dordi (120)

Her body was snow white, slender and graceful. Strayed away from her flock in the woods, she swam all alone in this lake which marked the end of Roger town. Yes, she was a gorgeous ‘Swan’. Effortlessly sliding over the water; with a wing span vast and majestically enormous.

Cathy & Veronica daily witnessed the swan’s ballet. Once on their way they heard the swan-song and hurried to the lake, but she was missing. Veronica spotted a white streak. Soon she appeared to them, this time floating sluggishly. Her wings awkwardly stretched and neck immersed. It was poignant to see the swan dead on the still waters. She was killed by the industrial wastes. She did die singing the swan-song.

Konfessioner Singh (110)

So there you lie, this is the end.

Goodbye goodbye.

“Aaah…what poetry… Miss. Jung, you have excelled yourself yet again!” his eyes twinkled, but it was repulsive…the whole act was repulsive. The way his mouth twitched, how his toes stood up in his shoes and his cheeks reddened, the way he wheezed. I’d watched the performance week after week.

The teacher and his muse. Mr. Nelson and Nafisa Jung.

Nafisa couldn’t write, she didn’t know a syllable from a senyru but she was a peach…and he a fatally attracted drosophila. Smiling like the summer she sat down on the hard wooden bench, Nelson devouring her body with his hungry stare.

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