Klash of the Konfessioners

October 19, 2007


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a person who practices magic; magician or sorcerer.


a conjurer or juggler.


Also, whiz, wiz

a person of amazing skill or accomplishment: a wizard at chemistry.


of or pertaining to a wizard.


Free Woman (97)

I’d always hoped in my life to meet
A wily, wisey crooked man
Who would conjure things up
And give me cryptic advice

A guardian angel, But not so nice
A magician, But with some wisdom too
Ancient, but not so old
Ugly, but pleasing to the eyes

As I look back with grown up eyes
I see just such a man was in my life
Preaching, protecting, ever indulging
Scolding, amusing,

Tall and strong – his blue eyes crinkling
White hair and walking stick


Mickey The Monkey (120)

F1“, the SMS from Dr. Saab said.
“What is it” Dr. Michele called back.
Saab was the new computer savvy neurosurgeon in our hospital, always talking about gigabytes, networking, Blogs and PowerPoint Wizards.

“Mickey, I am baffled with this sarcoma patient. He is not responding to any treatment.”
“Try Radiotherapy”
“Didn’t work”
“Four drug chemotherapy”
“Had to stop because of side effects”
“Then go in for surgical removal”
“The tumor is very huge, Mickey, I have no experience with such types”
“Then F1 will not bail you out, Saab, what you need is a Wizard. Shift him to OR-8. I will be there in 30 minutes.”
Dr. Michele Jordan, the wizard of neurosurgery, was getting ready for another challenging surgery.

Mandappa KC (119)

I’m a wizard no more.

I was a wizard. With the pen as my wand. The world my canvas.

It was a pomegranate evening, with juicy bursts every now and then.

I was a dreamer. I weaved my magic upon my sheet. As I sat under a tree.

I wrote. I warmed to the paper. And the heat of my magic made my cheeks cherry.

It was magical. I had won. I was crowned with the literary prize.

I wore a hat. And a superficial blood robe. I got a contract.

Money like falling rain. Staring face down at stardom. And then nothing.

Writer’s block. Cold and thick as the blood of a rapist.

I couldn’t write no more. I’m a wizard no more.

Dok Saab (118)

Greatest Wizard on the earth, him people feared.

Here was he lying down, broken and shattered.

He could produce roses and rabbits from thin air.

He could disappear from here and appear there.

Turning frog into a prince was a child’s play.

A gentle wave of his wand turned night into day.

Magical power slowly got over his head.

He thought he could make people alive, dead.

He wanted to conquer the earth, stars and sky.

Only hindrance was a child he never knew why.

His curse backfired, his wand burnt away,

When he tried to kill the lovely child that day.

Shield of motherly love was protecting the child.

The Greatest Wizard lay there humiliated and riled.


Santonu (120)

Light…from the table lamp was extremely bright. I was leaning over the table with specs up. It was 20 hrs of continuous struggle. The table was full of scattered parts, I tore them out from the radio, it was just the sensor I had to fix and then magic! I will screw up the whole locking system, tomorrow.

It was dawn when the security heard the click and I went for the sleep, a sound sleep. When I took the challenge didn’t know how I could do that, but I knew I will and the damage was done. Everyone was worried, me too, thinking about the consequences but the sense of accomplishment overpowered it, Robotics Wizard, they call me…I smiled.

Maximus (120)

“The Time Wizard”

1000 AD. The wizard of Oz could now summon the powers of Time! After water, wind and fire had to bow down before the great Oz, the sorcerers in the kingdom knew it was coming. The great wizard would now make journey into time.

Oz sees the world change, melt into 2000 AD. Standing in a busy city center he summons a youth and says “I am the great wizard of Oz!” and the youth answers “Yeah? And I am the great wizard of Java, and over there is the wizard of C++ and over there Wizard Microsoft himself.”

Oz wakes up. The sorcerers surround him and ask “What did you see? Almighty Oz?”

Oz never told anyone. Would you?


GSV (106)

In black and white skins

in feather and the fins

In green petals and red flowers

in thorns and the scars

In kings building their empire

in saints living in ur desire

In rain and rainbows so high

in sun, moon, and stars of sky

In each mountain,river and shrine

in whole realm of universe divine

Incarnate in bones

and carved in stones

in formless attire

in air you respire

athiest find you in science

astute search you in conscience

you are in beloved’s look

equally in the holy book

In rich, poor, insane,and wise

O wizard of wizards….

omnipresent you are and yet in disguise…


Truth Dude (120)

Your ship is ready for take off!

ping ping.

Entered Galaxy.
You win 20000 points.

Going through cluster one kaching-kaching-kaching-kaching-kaching. Watchout for the blackhole.

‘Nobody defies the Blackhole. Hah!’

Wooooooooooo! You have entered the blackhole..no exits no exits no exi…ka-ching!

‘No way, she could do that! No fucking way!!’

Wooo-wooo-woooo-wooo! High score 3 million 1 hundred and 45 thousand points.
‘This is not possible. She beat my high score thrice this week. I’m gonna get her secret.’
He walks right up to her.

“Excuse me”, he says. “The Who exactly are you?”

She turns around and he stares at her incredulously as she removes her blindfold.
She smiles and replies ever so sweetly,

“I am the Pinball Wizard.”

Sarang Mahajan (119)

I know a wizard, who’s magic was boundless.
His hair wasn’t wizardly, but wisdom? Yes…
…wisdom to match any wizened wizard half a thousand years old.

He’d lean on his famous staff and walk, casting spells…
… spells sung passionately by the history.
… spells that would draw him an army of carpenters, farmers, blacksmiths and school teachers; and with a pinch of salt he could unite them together for the heroics no Indian will ever forget.

His words could spread magic faster than forest-fire.

Through his magical specs, he saw a weapon none had seen in millenniums before…
…the weapon of peace.

I know a wizard loved by the world… for the magic he once cast still spreads…


Konfessioner Singh (147)

(I just wanted to enjoy myself haha..sorry about the word kount!! 🙂 )

Oh yeah?


Charlie Brown, what on earth makes you think ALL wizards are men?

All the books and movies Marge.

Who asked you pig?

I was just trying to…

Forget it Peewee, we know! women are witches, men are wizards.


Marge is a witch, Marge is a wi-it-cch naa- na-na- naa!

Ooh, you! Never mind, I’m gonna go ask grandpa.

Off she trudged in her golden starred black velvet robe to the one man who held answers to all of life’s not so easy questions. What did boys know anyway? Stupid worms. She was a wizard and she knew it!

Grandpa, Peewee and Charlie Brown say I’m a witch.

Why, that’s wonderful Marge! I told your mother you were the clever one…

But pa!!! I am a wizzaaard! Witches don’t know about all the forces and..

Pumpkin, I know you’re a wizard.


Really, really.

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