Klash of the Konfessioners

December 27, 2007


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Willy Wingfoot (91)

I see a couple walk hand-in-hand.
A little later;
I see the lady stab the man’s heart.

I see a lover waiting beneath the window.
I walk by;
I see a drooling wolf waiting for its prey.

I see shrunken bloodless men fight.
I blink;
My TV says, its the parliament.

I see a zombie feeding on a baby.
Closer look;
It’s Mr. Bush at breakfast.

I see a boy help a women cross.
Well, I notice;
Her golden ring is now lost.

I see a man pay a poor fellow.
He proved his worth;
Now his wife’s murder does look like an accident.

I titled my book-“Love-An human emotion”
On second thoughts;
I published them-“Love-Once an human emotion”


Me (141)

I’m in Love.

I’m in love. I’m sixteen. She was my everything.

My age. Pretty. Smart. Cute. My world started.

Stopped. Did a roll over. And tumbled around her.

We moved. Split. We moved on out of love.

I’m in love. I’m nineteen. She was almost everything.

Looked like the first one. Cute. Her world started.

Stopped. Did a roll over. And tumbled around me.

She crowded. I ran. She married her new love.

I’m in love. I’m twenty. We were everything.

Smart. Loving. Caring. Our world’s started.

Stopped. Did a roll over. And tumbled around us.

We fight. We scream. We’re running out of love.

I’m in love. I’m twenty three. She’s amazing.

Caring. Loving. Angel. I wish the world started.

Stopped. Did a roll over. And tumbled just for us.

Together awesome. But we can’t. Cheers to the love that could’ve been.


Yuvraj (107)

Infinite Love

I tripped over my heart; just fell. Like that. From over the bed. A warm squarely feeling was rapidly rising underneath my chest, right next to my heart. Stroking my senses with rabid sensations. I swam out of the room to find empty air, rich with your perfume and screaming silence, whispering your words. It delivered me to a strange land of…of something…something I can not define.

The breakfast lay on the table. The newspaper on the sofa. Everything was as it would have been. But nothing was as it should have been.

This morning I woke up to an empty house, numb senses and infinite love.

Shweta Srivastav (57)

Among the pretensions of this world,

In the clash of trifling vanities,

One and all pass by me distrait,

And as always I trail them as I wait,

For just one of them to recognise me

Not as an indulgence of the self

But in my true essence!!

And thus, I wait


Waiting to be found!


Kaveesh Sinha (120)

The pigeons upon that time seeming to undergo much suffering and insecurity, I determined upon giving them liberty. Most of them had been killed by the cat a night before. But the beautiful grey-mottled pigeon looked extremely uneasy and anxiously around, fluttering wings and making a loud cooing noise. All of them flew away, without giving me a last look. Freedom they preferred to captivated care. I wondered how insensitive they were.

But the grey-mottled appeared in the angana one day. He never actually did go. No more care from me and there he died. That was Love’s foremost realization. I asked him dead on my palms, “I didn’t worry for thee, and thou fool, fell in love with me?!”


Coffeeismypoison (119)


…if I,

shut you in the balcony
[mid winter]
the guests!
[spooked cats]

didn’t make you dinner
[i’m not hungry]
your water bowl’s dry
[oops didn’t notice]

tied you to a short leash
[punishment’s necessary]
you peed in the house
[so I forgot to walk you]
where’s your sense?

didn’t play with you
[i’m busy can’t you see?]
Arghh!! don’t DO that
[fur shows on black!]


I wont throw you your stick!

…how callous am i…
how uncaring…

so why…

do you still run to me laughing,
tail wagging nonstop…
You love
a human who knows not,
real love.

Oh! you make me feel small,
sweet dog of mine…
we humans love those,
whos heads nod with ours.


Dok Saab (120)

Do you still love me?

Sure I do. Why do you ask?
After twenty years of our marriage!

Why don’t I feel it now, Rajat?
Tell me, when was the last time you kissed me?
You brought roses for me. That was a long time back.
Did you notice I was wearing a new saree yesterday?
You don’t even notice me. And you say you still love me.

Agreed, I gave more time to my job.
That doesn’t mean my love for you waned.
I wanted to reach higher, earn more,
And give you more, Seema.

I will die yearning for your love.
What will you do then?
With all that money, will you
build a Taz in my memory?

Agnisen (120)

Case: Laurie overheard her husband Andy, speaking to his close friend Maggie, “Its you my Love”. (This line, in reality was Andy’s suggestion to Maggie, of what she could right on her anniversary card, for her hubby.) Laurie took it otherwise and blamed God for this.

“Love….You are convicted with juvenile behavior. In Laurie vs. God, you had a night’s fling with Ms Jealousy. This lead to the birth of Master Suspicion, who real caused a lot of damage.”
“But what was Mr. Character, the guy in charge, doing? He should have managed this situation.”
“Suspicion flourishes when Character’s weak. And per Rule 349999908 of God’s Act, it’s your duty to strengthen Character. Please resolve this case at the earliest.”

Richa Gupta (116)

Like a tidal wave they surged forward, there was no stopping them. Some came prepared, the others grabbed whatever they could find. As one they moved, without logic, without rationale. They wanted blood and they would not stop to ask or care why? Their voice rose in a deafening crescendo. They torched houses and broke the glasses of vehicles but that was not enough to quench their lust. And then they saw him, a cowering whimpering man trying to hide behind the wall of the burning house. He was theirs, the mad hunters had found a prey. They lunged and then moved on. Left behind was a writhing burning body…all for the LOVE of “their” God.


Santonu (211)

…..A camel was found on the NH 6 in jharkhand, it was severly injured as was hit by a car. It was surprising for everyone that how a camel came there. Later it was discovered that, marchents who were bringing it, deserted it on the way for unknown reason. The villagers got together and started throwing stones at the poor animal, fortunately he was rescued by some press photographer and good news is that he got good medical attention and recovering fast…May be his love brought him back to the world…

It was burning feeling; stream of blood was soaking the long legs. They say camels don’t require water, but he felt thirsty now. Last 4 days there was very little rest, the monster which was carrying them scared him a lot. He remembered the race when Llakshmi challenged him to run faster than her, both of them were racing through the sand towards the horizons where they wanted to stop, when those devils caught him. He was happy as they spared Llakshmi, she was thin; Closing the eyes he could see her tearful eyes. The car hit him on the road when those people deserted him, he realized he is gonna die, but still he was happy, Lakshmi is alive.


Hummingnerd (58)

The guy – “I love you”
**kneels down**
and oops

the girl smiles – “I love you too”
tries hard…
**farts** back

that’s LOVE, ain’t it?


love is not unselfish
love is not blind
love is not pure
love is not in words…

Love is Love

Hence, forget the adjectives,
Let there be Love!


Mickey the Monkey (120)

I think I am in Love, Sweta.

Why Monkey, how do you know its love?

Sweta, since the day I have seen her, I am feeling strange.
My heart beats faster these days.
When she comes to the window, my breathing becomes difficult.
I can’t sleep the whole night. She is always there in my eyes.
I keep sitting on the mango tree in front of her house,
waiting for her to appear in the balcony.
Even the juiciest berries seem tasteless to me when she is not there.
Am I in love with Jane, Sweta?

Monkey, this is not love.
You are most probably having anaemia.
Come to my clinic tomorrow, we’ll take some tests.
You’ll be well soon.


Nandini Sen (186)

Lifelong Jojo’s question was “Whats love?”

At six , Dadima answered “It makes the world go around” Jojo felt love meant warm comfort of Dadima’s lap.

At ten, Ma answered “Its togetherness”. Jojo felt care was love.

At twelve, sharing secrets, tiffins, notes with best friend, Jojo knew love was sharing.

At sixteen, seeing his sweetheart, Jojo felt love was his blushing face & flipflop of heart.

At twenty, his sweetheart left & Jojo felt love was only pain.

At twentyfive, a colleague remarked “Jojo’s in love with his job”. He thought obsession was love.

At thirty, after passionately embracing his bride, he asked “Is this love”. She giggled: “Mr.Handsome, lemme show whats love ”. Jojo was glad that love was blind, since the mirror told him he wasn’t near “handsome”.

At forty, distributing Christmas gifts in the orphanage, Jojo heard the presiding nun say “Love is compassion towards fellow humans”.

At fortyfive, Jojo’s child declared “Daddy you’re best”. He felt this awe & reverence was love.

At sixty, Jojo knew he’d felt, lived, given and received love. But still didn’t know what it really was.


GSV (86)

Imagine love

Without mine and thine

Beyond, heart and mind

As a substance of dancing souls

Imagine love

Past, reason and charm

Ahead of, in’s and out’s,rise and falls

As a music vibrant to eye

Imagine love

Far away from wishes and desires

Moreover, forever and never

As a light apparent to ears

Imagine love

Inspite of, gloom and glee

Besides, expectation and dependancy

As an unmerited favor to be free

Imagine to spell love

Without ‘U’ and ‘I’

Now without imagining


Love, only love…


Konfessioner Singh (152)

This sun shines love

There’s sun shining down on her face
her eye twitches
the traces of a smile dance on dry lips
she knows I’m here
our love is 21 years old.

S-u-n-s-h-i-n-e! she says
not without difficulty
there’s pain
a lot of pain
but I laugh and sink
into her arms open wide…

I feel the shiver of blue veined fingers
with their single ring
on the back of my neck
and a kiss on my forehead.

The same biscuity sweater smell
labored breathing
the pain’s getting harder and I can’t swallow
and so the tears flow…

Sunshine lies buried
in her Origin’s embrace
her childhood seems to be slipping away.

And she feels her child’s pain
S-i-rr vih-tcch daa-rd hai-gaa?
Nahi ma, hun thik ho gaya!

She smiles and pinches my red nosetip
Her liquid eyes singing our song

And so I mutter a million times
Oh please don’t take
My Sunshine away…

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