Klash of the Konfessioners

January 30, 2008


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Mowgli (120)

Baked Bored Moon

– Bored silence,

Baked bored moon,

Blue bored trees,

The Amateur fool.

– Your palm’s sweating – Expressionlessly, she asked – Do you want to leave my hand for sometime?

Strange; why would she want to leave his hand – Thinking; he declined.

– Are you forever going to be this quite?

He has read in those books that love can best be described through silence. His eternal vow, never to utter a word. He truly loves her.

– Martyrs of those love poems

I pity your innocence.

– Poor victim of book shelves, it’s just your addiction of the idea of loving me – she thought; leaving.

– The last episode, of the last goodbye

I’ll send you a smile; sometime.

Pinchi (120)

Her thoughts invoked a deep feeling…

Set my heart throbbing, my head reeling,

Cupid asked “Is this infatuation?”

I said – “It’s more …-… it’s addiction!”

Eating, sleeping are less than reckoned,

Wanting, dreaming, – a close second;

Amor asked “What is this affliction?”

I said – “It’s more …- …it’s addiction!”

Lord! Save me, from the forces that be,

Of the heavens, the earth and of the sea;

Benten cried – “I grant you benediction!”

I said – “I need more… -… it’s addiction!”

Gods! Don’t ask me why I don’t crave,

For heavenly abodes, as I’m a slave;

To someone for whom I pledge my devotion

I’m in love, yes I am – and it is love addiction!

Mickey the Monkey (119)

I want a divorce, Virmani Uncle.

Why Jane? On what grounds?
Mickey is such a nice monkey,
I know him since his childhood.

Uncle! isn’t addiction sufficient ground under US laws.

Mickey and addiction, why he is a teetotaler, I can vouch for him.

Not alcohol, Uncle, he is addicted to Orkut.
Whole night he is sending scraps.
Shweta, Sweta, Rashmi, Nandini, Seema, Shinjini, Richa, Ana, Priyanka,
I don’t know with how many girls he is flirting these days.
He has stopped talking to me. Even I have to scrap him.

Jane beta, I can’t take your case, because if I win, it will set a precedent.
Your Aunty is trying hard to divorce me on the same grounds.


Shweta Srivastav (120)

Are you addikted?‘ her voice wavered.

Addikted?‘ he hesitated, ‘Yes, I am’, his eyes looked far into the horizon.

But why, how?‘ her voice trembled with emotion.

The whole universe conspires to make you fall. I couldn’t do anything’, eyes afar.

A moment of silence, ‘Can’t you leave it?

He thought, ‘No, there is no cure! Once fallen, there’s no hope!

But there has to be something’, her eyes searched his face, Hopeful.

He looked into her eyes, ‘Will you help me?

……Her eyes grew eager.

He held her hand, ‘Will you… marry me?

She looked lost.

It took her a moment to catch the mischief in his eyes, then, a twinkle in hers said all he wanted to hear!


Nandini Sen (118)

Simone was familiar with addiction.

Her compulsive addiction with cigarettes was famous. But a bout with extreme pneumonia, and concerned friends helped her get over it.

Her blind addiction with Rajat lasted a decade. Bitter words, and growing differences made her get over it easily.

The comforting addiction with alcohol lingered. But when she knew Meera was to be born, Simone stamped out the addiction.

Meera, her daughter, was Simone’s longest addiction. Eighteen years – until Meera moved out to university, and Simone learned to suppress the addiction.

Now in the hospital, with tubes running through her, and worried doctors surveying her, Simone wanted to scream “I’m not gonna give up this addiction of mine – the addiction to live”.

Juhi the Fragrant (94)

A smiling star twinkles a goodbye. The quiet dawn steals up to the horizon, and startles it. Suddenly, a smell, a scent, an aroma pierces the fabric of the jungle, touching it, prodding it.

Crash! Thrash! A deer darts ahead. Now he is going around in circles. Now it has stopped, listening perhaps. No, smelling. His nose is in the air. He seems to have picked something up. He’s following it. No, he’s running back to the oak now. Oh! He just bounded by.

Ah! You enticing kasturi, why do you play with him so?

Dok Saab (110)

When you’re near
I always get a high.
But if you go away
I heave a deep sigh.

In foes and friends
I’ve lost all interest.
Fantasizing about you
To me seems the best.

I’ve lost the desire
To eat and to drink.
Sitting all alone
It’s about you I think.

My heart beats faster
When you are around.
If I don’t see you
It gets shattered to the ground.

Just to be with you
I can do any thing.
I can kill I can steal
Far-off stars I can bring.

Since the day I met you
I have this affliction.
Without you I can’t live
You are my addiction.

Kaveesh Sinha (120)


I could feel her distress.

Clutching her hands, I asked, “What’s it now?”

“Nothing. Just an organizational flaw in me”, she quipped.

“Cummon. I’d be leaving for England tomorrow. D’ya want me to leave with a heart distraught?”, I said expecting an answer.

” I’m addicted. Yet again. Knitting these sweaters for you is an embarrassing habit, like trying on other people’s laundry….you’d be leaving eventually. I loved you to break addiction to this world. I kicked it, and now seem to be stuck with you, attacking my heart instead the mind. Grow attached; you grow addicted… thwart addiction; grow angry…be angry; confuse your mind… Con…………………”

I kissed those parting hands. Silence………

Her tears spoke silently, “Now don’t …please!”………………Addiction again.

Rush.me (120)

Any Comfy Place @ Any Random Hour of the Day

Now let’s get talking……….


When ur gonna be over……….???


As in?……….

When He wants it to be……….


What do you exactly mean?……….

I wanna know whether he’s more addicted to u or to me?? ……….



My Dear Book, addiction kills. You desire to kill?? ……….

Oks enuf, 7 pages in me, last sip in u. After that, let’s see……….

I hope he devours the last page without needing me more……….

Betcha, he’ll. The Killer’s gonna b revealed……….

(After the last sip and 3 pages)

Y’s he sittin’ up??? ……….

The addiction……….

Juz 3 more man!!!……….

He can’t concentrate……….

OMG!!! Try ya, only 3 more……….


Blah Queen (103)

They say I am an Addikt.

Am I a sinner, then?

They say drinking is haraam

So is dancing and singing.

Do I become a sinner, then?

Why did they call of this haraam?

Why should it be viewed as a sin?

They call it ‘addiktive’.

They call addiktion haraam.

Do I become a sinner, then?

A billion other wrongs

And a billion other addiktions.

Why is religiosity not concerned as an addiktion?

Why is religion not haraam?

Do we all become sinners, then?

They say I am an addikt

I am addikted to questioning my religion.

Do I remain a sinner, then?

GSV (105)

Random thoughts, Mixed emotions

Craving to cry

Need some ‘high’

And then….

Just one smile

You See… Here I am again…. Addicted to life!

Detached feelings, Shattered dreams

Out of control desire

Holding nerves

And then….

Just one warm hug

You Feel!… Here I am again…. Addicted to life!

Racing perfection, Comparing factions

Divided mind

No place to hide

And then..

Just one song of silence

You Listen!… Here I am again…. Addicted to life!

You know

One got to have an Addiction

Before you quit it

I am Drinking wine of life

You share!…I may be here this last time

So Can I Die?

Truth Dude (119)

We were meant for each other, or so I thought
I changed my mind, when she walked off.

She turned me on like a bitch in heat
and when we were done she took off in a beat.

I felt so screwed, I wallowed in shame
she’s my addiction, and she wasn’t to blame.

I know I’m being used
but that’s okay man because I like the abuse.

Then she came back and I would stay low
I’d take her hand and then say ‘Hello’.

She’d push me off, and turn to walk away
I kneeled down and I asked her to stay.

And I know she’s playing with me
but its ok because I got no self esteem.

The Red Ronin (118)

Monochrome static crackles through my head but I don’t look so dead. I hear the bird cry and fly with all the courage I can muster. Listening to the shadows I fly high for that is all there is to it. I say goodbye to my friend who served me well for a moment but now I need to wake up and walk it alone. I reached out each moment hoping she would change her ways but I had kid myself and instead shook hands with death. She is gone and I wonder how to fill the void that is pitted with the memories of life.

Seeking reprieve, I wake up and start trying to blow some bubbles.


Genuine Fake(119)

As I entered the room that morning, thoughts of interviewing her made me feel curious. I pulled up my recorder, and began my normal course of questioning. Explanations of her sins in her calm demeanor, made her increasingly mysterious. That she outlived pains of any normal human being and that confidence was merely a make up eased me up a bit. Her take on drugs, both, narcotic and medicine, just represented the fact that she went on from one addiction to another, all ways for her to feel numb. She seemed perfectly normal. Uma Pradhan, a serial killer and an established schizophrenic, was probably just uninterested in a conventional life. Idealism for her was just an addiction as well.

Mandappa KC (112)

I see pink blue skies

Misty summer rainbow butterflies

In the midst of all these lies

You give me these magical lines

Cuz you are my addiction

I say all I can say

when shit hits the ceiling all day

you are my only way

cuz you are my addiction

(fade) you are my addiciton

My whole life blue

But ill always count on you

Smile like mid-morning dew

When I’m down under, I turn to you

cuz you are my addiction

I can see clearly

prancing with bits of u ins’e me

eagles, making me free

cuz you are my addiction.

(fade) you are my addiciton

(fade) you are my addiciton

Richa Gupta (50)

The hollow body I see

On the long road of addiction

Wasted and twisted in agony

Crying for release

Slave to the demands

Addicted to the “E”

Where has he come from

Who is he??

No name, no identity

In the sea of human waste

He is just an addict


Konfessioner Singh(120)

It’s not easy to…

Shut up, I’m turning it off.

How many times will you turn it off? She’s gone mad, she’ll hear it after we’re gone…

Mahtob, snap out of it yaar… You can’t do this to yourself!

Meera…it’s not like you didn’t go through it…

You both are lovesick bitches, I’ve had enough I’m…

… see you guys, gotta catch the 6:15.

Yeah Meeru, call..

You think the bitch is gonna call? …hai meraaaa dill!

Mahtob get over it, actually don’t. It’s the only addiction you’re ‘allowed’ haha!

Bitch…oh I loveeee this line…

She walks off.

Dammit, where’s that song… did I delete it? Wish I could delete him.

“Don’t sway… ever go away.. sway my way…” shit.shit.shit…

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