Klash of the Konfessioners

May 26, 2008


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1. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light. 2. shade or comparative darkness, as in an area. 3. shadows, darkness, esp. that coming after sunset. 4. shelter; protection: sanctuary in the shadow of the church. 5. a slight suggestion; trace: beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Richa (66)

Famine, Tsunami, Floods
Hunger clawing at the intestines

Bombs, Attacks, Guns
Terror numbing the mind

They tell me
I live…
…in the shadow of death

I refuse
to give up
To give in
to such morbidity

Rain, Thunder, Sunshine
The celestial music loud yet mild

Flowers, Butterflies, Rainbows
The joyous laughter of a child

I tell them
I choose…
…to live in the shadow of hope

Santonu (117)

The blue line at the horizon was captivating, fading sunlight and the dark cloud hovered around me. The sun was setting. The shadows of uncertainty grew with the shadows of the trees, I was bone tired, the last man standing at the battle field. I sold my company today! The one I built with my own hand. Warm tears were flowing through the cheeks. I was waiting for my friends to come and sit besides me, quietly, but they never came and their shadows danced and mocked at me. I am tired and alone today, standing under this dim light I talked slowly with my shadow for long, it too deserted me as the darkness set in.

Mickey (120)

“Mickey, don’t you go out now”, shouted Dadima, “not till the eclipse is over”
“But Dadi, this is my playtime.”
“The God is in trouble and you want to play, stay here and pray with me.”
“What trouble Dadi, it’s just a solar eclipse, moon’s shadow falling on earth.”
“That demon Rahu has engulfed the Sun, and you say it’s just a shadow.”
“But Mom says…..”
“You and your Mom, She also never heeds to my advice.
Last eclipse, she argued it’s just a shadow.
You were in her womb, and despite my warning she went to her college.
Look what happened, you were born with this defect.”
I could feel it heat up as she pointed towards my tail.

Dok Saab (100)

A small bush it was,
old and stunted.
It had been there
for so many years,
calm dull bush,
just surviving.
I had never seen
it go dry,
shed leaves
or, flower.
But today,
it was struggling
to survive.
to the rays of the sun
its leaves wilting.
Used only to cool breeze
it seemed to uproot
as the hot gusty wind blew.
But to me
it was more alive
Even though
it had always
seemed to lived
under the shadow
of the banyan tree.
The big banyan tree
which fell
last night.

Sowmya (120)

“Can’t believe this Swati! Look at yourself”, Gayathri was fuming.
You have nothing left. Your children, job….why did you give up everything? For Arvind?
Gayathri thought of the enthusiastic and bubbly Swati who charmed everyone around her. People fell in love with her inspite of themselves. Everyone wanted to be with her since laughter & fun were guaranteed. Then she fell for Arvind….
Looking at her pale and spiritless sister, Gayathri could not help screaming, “What have you done to yourself? You were not like this”.
“I loved to talk, Arvind liked silence. I loved my job, he felt threatened. I wanted children, he was not interested. I loved sunshine, he preferred darkness. All I am now is a shadow”.

Coffee is my Poison (120)

The shadows don’t leave my dreams, my life. They chase me.

“Any female friends? Generally girls have girlfriends?” asked Dr. Singh, my psychiatrist.
“Not really.”
“Why?” he persisted.
I didn’t reply.

I’ll tell your parents, I’ll lie and they’ll hit you. Do what I say. Touch me.
Here, and here… caress me. Act like you want me.
My six year old mind felt too sick to think. Ever since she hit puberty I was suffering the consequences.
Girls I found, even when I grew older, could be such FUCKING bitches, and unapologetic about it. Better being lonely than “friends” with them.

I turned on the lights, in my heart and my mind…
The shadows, will flee. I won’t suffer them.

Yuvraj Jhaa (118)

Blank stage. Hard sunlight.
Remaltron — wearing posh clothes.
Stangtron — wearing middle class clothes.

(Remaltron) —sweating— There is something dark…really dark…at night it engulfs me…it takes over…its everywhere.
(Strangtron) —calm but curious— Where is it now?
(Remaltron) —further sweating— Look behind me…it follows me…it will follow me till eternity.
(Strangtron) —loosing his calm— WHERE is it?
(Remaltron) —without turning— Look…it must be somewhere.
(Strangtron) —angry— There’s just your shadow!
(Remaltron) —fear takes over— Yes!…is it there?…is it near?
(Strangtron) —alarmed— What is wrong with you?
(Remaltron) —speaking low— Its pitch black, and when it seeps into me after sunset…(weeping) it takes over.
(Remaltron) —speaking to himself— Its nothing…nothing but your religion, that has devoured you of beauty…and instilled fear.

Sarang (120)

Lallan sells pirated CDs on a carpet at Gandhi Putla Chowk. A booming business. Teenagers flock in for the latest movies. But that’s not the real secret of his success. They visit repeatedly for the blue-films he hides under his carpet. They only have to say ‘Bapu’, the code-word for BP, and he produces a bunch of them with mouth-watering pictures and provoking titles like – ‘Sali, Puri Gharwali.’

‘How do you manage it?’ a man asked astonished.

‘The kind shadow of this statue of Bapuji protects me from sun,’ he answered.

‘No, I mean this illegal business.’

‘Ah, that I do under the kind shadow of cops,’ he says spitting aside. ‘I give them five Gandhis a day.’

Nandini (120)

Seeing his wife laugh with her childhood friend, a shadow of doubt appeared in his mind. Gloom descended, he started to waste himself. Work filled late nights, shutting out of loved ones, the shadow turned to depression.

Wife’s anxiety grew, and he ended up visiting a doctor.

“Tension” was the doc’s verdict.

“Why” was wife’s reaction

Silence was the man’s defense.

One day, after another sleepless night, he glanced at the mirror and saw a mere shadow of his former self and a big shadow covering his mind.

Enough! he decided. He pulled back the curtains, let the sunshine filter through the room, and his mind. He had to get the lighting right, illuminate his mind, to vanquish the shadow.

Juhi, the Fragrant (120)

“Mooooom!” My 2 year old son was running across the playground as fast as his pudgy little legs could carry him, and shouting louder than his lungs would ever have allowed.
“What?! What happened?” I was terrified that something had happened to him, while I was gossiping with that no good Swati! “Did someone say something to you? Did you fall off the swing?”
“Swing?! Those are for GIRLS! I am a BOY.” Declared my almost a metre high son.
“Oh?!” I sighed. “Mom…” inching closer he whispered “there is someone following me.” “Oh?! Who is it?” I looked around wondering. “Not up, look down” my son admonished. I complied and burst into peals of laughter. It was his shadow.

Ruchika Bajoria (110)

While traversing the pathways of the moors, he didn’t pause to appreciate its beauty. If only he hadn’t been such a rash fool. He should’ve spoken with care. If he didn’t get there soon, it would be too late. The brewing tempest outside, articulated his inner turmoil.

He entered her chambers stealthily. Head bent in thought, her back towards him, she was the embodiment of ethereal beauty. He moved closer and his shadow fell upon her. Fear constricted his throat as he reached for her. She crumpled in his arms. Lifeless and sunken, there were shadows under her eyes. In her death, she was a shadow of her true self!

Lord Summer, the Stallion Poet (111)

To the distant land of Far-far-away
I left once in the morning all alone
The road was empty like a bald human’s head
Boredom was deep in my bone

‘What a dreary trip, still two days to reach,’
I whispered feeling sad
‘Yes, O yes! You’re always so right,’
Someone answered… scaring me bad

I swung my head from side to side,
‘Who’s that?’ I cried out shrill.
I jumped up high, when my Shadow answered
‘It’s me, O Stallion of Steel.’

I ran hard and straight, right till sunset
And there I was, at Far-far-away
My Shadow sniggered, ‘Thank me later for the ride.’
‘We’ll meet in the morning anyway!’

Mandappa (116)

Its hours before sunrise
Hours after the fireflies
When reality fades away
And the shadows come to play

It’s four in the morning
And the dawns not breaking

Mind numb from sleeplessness
Sleepless from numbness
Colours begin to go away
When the shadows take over the day

It’s four in the morning
And the dawns not breaking

Dizzy, tipsy from the night over
The bed and sleep, still a distant cover
Headaches will eat into your day
Until then shadows will drive your way

It’s four in the morning
And the dawns not breaking

The shadows in my head
The shadows in my bed
The shadows of reality
The shadows that won’t let me be


Rajat Mukherjee (120)

The shadows of my past haunt me; I have failed, over and over again. I still don’t know how I turned up like this, tormented by the despot within, shackled by my senses, inhibited by my own presence, catatonic, I have failed, oh the shadows, I fear them.

Once I thought of winning, I failed, once I thought of loving, I failed, once I thought of redemption, I failed, now I think of living, and I know I shall fail, again, oh the shadows of my past. I fear them, oh the shadows.

I retrospect, all seem nothing but a lay of failure, euphony for others, a swan song for me, oh the shadows, I detest them, I fear them.

Amey Mujumdar (94)

I am the feared obscurity.
Keep away.
But if you are beaten down, I am refuge.
Come to me and recoup.

I am the last place desired.
I hide losers from the brightness.
I shelter them when they are low.
But they survive to step out again.

I have a shifty nature.
I am small when heat is high.
Long when it is low.
But I am with you.

I am the meanest veil.
I shroud your success.
But step out of me and there is light.
Where I am, there is always light.


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