Klash of the Konfessioners

November 27, 2008


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1. Done, chosen, or occurring without a specific pattern, plan, or connection

2. With a pattern or in sizes that are not uniform or regular

3. Relating or belonging to a set in which all the members have the same probability of occurrence

4. Relating to or involving variables that have undetermined value but definite probability



Miracle Drug (115)


Today, I stop thinking.
Today, I wear only 1 sock.
Today, I talk to 7 strangers.
Today, I buy cafeteria food worth 3.76 pounds, throw it away, and eat 67% of a Pringles pack instead.
Today, I read the title of the 3 books on my table 17 times each, and then stop.
Today, I sit at my window and stare outside for exactly 9 minutes and 32 seconds.
Today, I take the campus hopper to the other campus, and back, just for the ride.
Today, I wear my specs all day, without needing them.
Today, I draw 6 different geometric shapes on the napkin in front of me.
Today, I’m random.
Or am I?

Mandappa KC (119)


Random musings of a random man.

And on my 25th anniversary, I raised a toast. I said, “Darling Irene, how would you react if I told you that for the last 25 years, everything you know about me is a lie.”

My head hung low with a bag on my head. I walked up the steps. How I got there? I don’t know. It’s been a blur.

But it all started with a lie.

I slept with her. I deceived myself that it never happened.

I am my story.

If life is an illusion, I’d like to paint a pretty picture.

You base my intentions on an ‘I love you’ I mumbled, stoned.

I lied.

Truth? Lies? The line?



CIMP (120)


Random Balls of Lint.

Winters arrived.
I dug my sweater from the closet…
Random balls of lint,
Speckled all over it.

Plucking them off
Was no chore.
Random memories beset me;
Slivers from my childhood.

My sweater brought forth warmth,
[Even Undonned]
Memories have that power,
Blaze of brandy down one’s throat.

A happy family of four,
Parcheesi before bed,
Barbeques on the beach,
Afternoons spent napping.

And life

Then we grew up,
Learnt to lie, disguise, defy
Poke, hide and pry,
Chilled me within.

My sweater cannot
this pall.
But my dog laughs
I’m less forlorn.

No more fluffy balls of lint,
My sweaters clean,
My hearts heavy…
My break from real life’s spent.



Scribbler (106)

Random is the word for this klash.
Was it just a random choice?
Or was it something that lingered
In his mind all the time?

Agreed that the favorite words were taken
And he didn’t really have much of a choice.
Of all the words that exist in the vocab,
It’s amazing what his mind chanced upon?

Brilliant is what I’d say for the pick
Though that’s what struck his mind that minute.
Maybe, if there was more time to choose something else,
He might not have zeroed upon this adjective.

Challenge, it is indeed, to klash with veterans here.
Yet I’ve tried my hand with this scribble.
Now, the verdict’s yours.
Hope you won’t cast a random vote.




DokSaab (64)


Random walks, on
Random paths,
Aimlessly I reached this far
You say this was my destiny.

Random musings
Random writings
I was scribbling meaningless words.
You but found a poem in them.

Random meetings
Random greetings
Unknowingly I came near you.
Match made in heaven, but you said.

Random days
Random nights
I was loving this randomness
Mend my ways, you want me to.



Mowgli (115)


What if;
Colors were flowers
And flowers were men
And men could swim to the sun?

Would it
Then be
Any different, would we
Still have,
Bombs and guns?

What if;
We were
The winds and waters
That cover this illuminant earth?

Would it
Then be
That we
Would fall
To berths that haven’t taken birth?

What if;
Had meanings and wisdom
And lips that spoke the truth absolute?

Would it
Then happen
That wars
And darkness
We spread for glory, we would mute?

What if;
The stars were hungry
And extraterrestrials
Our friends, and met us one day?

Would it
Then matter
What race
Or creed,
Or random colors our shadows went astray?



Rush.Me (103)


Ting tong!!_Tingg Toooong!!

“Don’t you have any patie… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

The door opened into speeding sky at an altitude of 35,000 ft. The winds made her hand slip from the door knob and thus the freefall begun. She recalled her chapter on freefall and the Guinness Record for 88,880 ft in 1960. 1960, Hmm!! Now she remembered! First Televised U.S. Presidential debate between Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy was in 1960. Media is such a boon…

“Madame, how do you feel after such an enormous freefall??”

and a CURSE!!

“Who motivated you??”

“Were you scared or excited or nervous???”

“One last comm…”

“WAKE, wake up!! What random rubbish you dreamt??”



Nandini Sen (104)


Drat, the figures just don’t tie up
Tie – I need to buy one for Bobby’s birthday gift. Have to think of a colour.
Will Obama look nice with  blonde coloured hair?
Is he equipped to tackle the economic meltdown?
My waist need a meltdown – don’t want all that gajar halwa, peanut jaggery bars showing themselves so ostensibly…
Hey, I think there’s gajar halwa in today’s lunch menu.

Boss: Nandini, you’ve been staring at those reconciliation figures for more than ten minutes. Take a break – get your mind off for a while. Let random thoughts flow in, and then get back to attacking that problem.
Me: Sure, let me go check out today’s lunch menu.



Pratik K (115)


9.30pm-two loud noises… fire crackers I think… a little too soon, for Dhoni and Raina were still tormenting the English… then more noises.., stinging sounds, shattering of a glass… a still silent thirty seconds, and a cry of pain… then more rounds, more shouts…a man of barely 30 comes rushing in… ‘Shootout at leopolds’… we rush to the oldest bar in Mumbai… no faces, only a blur seems to picture and then some blood… people running towards the site.. Blood coloring the road… and then an American shot in the knee by a probable Pakistani terrorist with a German bullet on Indian soil… the world is flat… and random… on this 26th November night.



Sprinkles Of Chatter (118)


Gunshots, bloodshed and gore
Destruction unparalleled heretofore.
And even while the world sleeps…
A city seethes, and hearts bleed.

Children traumatized,
And families vexed;
A city cries out, in distress!

Valiant warriors fighting hard;
Terrorists killing with disregard.
Both are destined to die…
Without a murmur or a sigh.

Shattered is the belief of the country!
Inept and incompetent is this democracy!
Vote banks be more precious a commodity;
Than the people or humanity!!

Random fools out on streets,
Sitting there, here or right next to me
Can be the carriers of distress.
But, arise from the flames we shall,
Like the phoenix of great myths.
And no longer will a city seethe…
No longer will hearts bleed.

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