Klash of the Konfessioners

September 30, 2010


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–verb (used with object)
1. to declare (something) to be bad,unfit, invalid, or illegal.
2. to condemn as a failure: to damn a play.
3. to bring condemnation upon; ruin.
4. to doom to eternal punishment or condemn to hell.
5. to swear at or curse, using the word “damn”: Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!
–verb (used without object)
6. to use the word “damn”; swear.
7. (used as an expletive to express anger, annoyance, disgust,etc.)
8. the utterance of “damn” in swearing or for emphasis.
9. something of negligible value: not worth a damn.
10. damned ( defs. 2, 3 ) .
11. damned.
12. damn well, Informal . damned ( def. 7 ) .
13. damn with faint praise, to praise so moderately as, in effect,to condemn: The critic damned the opera with faint praise when he termed the production adequate.
14. give a damn, Informal . to care; be concerned; consider asimportant: You shouldn’t give a damn about their opinions.Also, give a darn.

Devina Awasthi(116)

You think I will sit and listen to the volume of abuse you sent me
You think I will cry upon my bed sheet and tear my head; really.
I ‘ll tell you what I will do instead
I will go with my girls to the pub tonight
I will hit at the boys all night.
And when you see me happy and chirpy and question it
I’ll throw the martini on you face
Because I care a damn of what you think of me.
I care a damn of what the future holds for me.
This is me.
I am a rebel, a devil, an angel
And you better surrender
Because I care a damn.


Nandini Sen(120)

She was found lying on earth, and was adopted. After marriage, family feud ensured her husband did not inherit his rightful position. She spent years in search of food and shelter, moving every few days.  From a princess she was reduced to a nomad.
Her husband was God who walked on earth, yet she was kidnapped. She spent lonely, terrified days waiting to be rescued. After gaining back their rightful position, she was still damned.
Being asked to prove her purity was the ultimate straw. She took her way out.
Laughing uncontrollably, she remarked. “With such a damned life, I am now placed on a pedestal as a Goddess. Damn all who cannot respect me because I am a woman.”

Genuine Fake (118)

I sat at the airport looking at my watch.  At 0245 hours on that cold winter night. I stood there waiting for his flight to land.
As I walked up and down, waiting for that voice to tell me that the flight had landed, I anticipated his possible reactions on seeing me. The only thing that kept me going was that sooner or later, he would smile, look at me and say, “Promise me, you would never fight with me again.” And embrace me in the warmth that kept me alive.
The flight landed. He walked out only to be greeted by someone else. He seemed happy and content.
Damn, I thought. It had only been two months.

Santonu Ghosh(108)

What the hell going on here? Why we have to klash over this damn word. Damn this group and damn these words. Why can’t it be longer or shorter than 120 words? As a fundamentalist Hindu I will lobby for the limit to be reduced to 108. Why it can’t be a song. Criticism! I cared a damn about it… if you don’t like my language I will write it in Hebrew or may be in Alchiki, but I will write, it’s my wish. I will be jumping jack on the screen and throw away words and jumble them up. I care a damn how you guys feel!

Priyanka Chakraborty(120)

“Restrain yourself…” my mind said.
But my heart was beating another tattoo,” But how can I? It’d been two months since…. Last time was heaven. How can I forget that taste? Those warm feelings, all that sensory pleasure….God!”
Mind replied, “Driving yourself crazy over it is not good, when we are so close to the goal. You’ll ruin all the hard work of the past two months.”
But heart screamed, “I cannot take it anymore. I just have to savour the taste again. I want to feel all warm and mushy inside. Damn you and your goal! I don’t care anymore.”
And with that I rushed to the counter and said, “Two Chocolate brownies please, with Ice Cold Mocha. Takeaway!”


The State vs. the Devil

He considered himself an atheist, but he was soon going to be a believer; a believer in evil. God might not exist, but the Devil surely did. Of course he saw him!!!
He came, in the guise of a policeman, offering to plant evidence at the crime scene. “An old grudge…” the officer said, when questioned.
Those burning amber eyes, the knife wound across the left eye – had an uncanny resemblance to the defendant’s.
“DAMN YOU, THE DEVIL!!” He screamed inside his head, and soon realized the irony, or rather wry humour in the phrase.
He wouldn’t let the Devil win, at least for the World!!
The nameplate said, Detective Damn, Ed. He knocked.

Sprinkles Of Chatter (16)

The alarm buzzed, he stirred.

Checked the clock and cursed.

“Damn, I slept through my exam!”

Tale Twister(116)

The officer was pleased. Everything was in order. The troops were well-prepared. This time the dacoits can’t escape. There was no escape route. The infrastructure was in place. The wall on the east was fully constructed and guarded well. The southern forest was well-manned by commandos.  And the northern cliffs had the best sharp shooters of the army, ready for them. The dacoit’s damnation in hell was certain. “Damn them all” he said aloud. And then he realised something was wrong. “Damn? There’s something that strikes, but I don’t seem to recollect”, he wondered.
Cadet: “Sir the dacoits are coming from the west, on boats over the river.”
Damn! They had forgotten to build a dam!


“Do you even give me a damn, Rahul?”
“Hmm” he said without looking up from his iPhone.
“Rahul will you leave that toy for a sec and listen to me. I am going to my mom’s place.”
“Hmm, when?” his thumbs were tickling the phone. I snatched the damn thing from him.
“You won’t ask why?”
“Honey, give me my phone.”
I looked into the touch-screen. As expected Facebook was open.
“You promised you won’t access net at home”
“But I haven’t, I was just checking messages. So why are you going?”
“Coz whenever you’re at home you’re busy either with your iPhone or  watching TV. As if I don’t exist. You don’t give me a damn, Rahul, do you?”

Hot News Reader Lady (119)

Winner of seven Noble Prizes for literature, Lord Summer gave a damn to the people fighting over temples and mosques. Speaking in press conference after he inaugurated a toilet where Kalmadi would stash his money, he also addressed to another national issue saying, ‘Summer gives a little damn, little damn, little damn, Summer gives a little damn if Katrina breaks up with Sallu.’ He also gave a damn to those who will point out the flaws in his writing and won’t scratch his back during the upcoming Klash. Earlier this week he famously declared he will personally deliver a ‘damn’ to those who don’t vote him. Widely feared, his damns are known to cause mass panic and upset stomachs.


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