Klash of the Konfessioners

July 10, 2011


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1.goodby; may you fare well: Farewell, and may we meet again in happier times.
2.an expression of good wishes at parting: They made their farewells and left.
3.leave-taking; departure: a fond farewell.
4.a party given to a person who is about to embark on a long journey, retire, leave an organization, etc.
5.parting; valedictory; final: a farewell performance.
Origin: from Middle English  faren wel; usually said to the departing person, who replied with good-bye .

Kunal Sen (149)

Can you imagine all this from the point of view of a girl, who until last year, had done it all: loved two men and then unloved them, ran away, wrote songs, saved rivers, cried along; a girl who became so unabashedly independent that the mere thought of companionship, of sharing a room, a dream, a life; turned not only disquieting, but downright offensive? And today she finds herself in an unmanageable Benarasi-silk saree, replete with incongruous jewellery and traces of tears in lowered eyes, her once peroxided hair tucked under the ghonghta on her head. Throwing rice behind her, she exchanges one abode for another and starts worrying about things she had never thought of wearing before; safety pins, heavy earrings, key-chains and surnames, while trying to find her own identity in her new life, a life that for some odd reason, she didn’t get to pick.

Frank (148)

Lisa’s parties always bring the whole bunch together. But tonight the usual crowd from school is joined by family and neighbours. Tomorrow Lisa’s leaving for Brazil, to spend a whole year as a volunteer in a favela – but who believes that?
“If she was my daughter …,” a man proclaims, rocking slightly, for emphasis and on account of the beer.
The  women have already talked their throats sore and are cooling them with champagne. Isn´t this supposed to be a celebration? – Lisa´s final exams, Lisa´s plans to study medicine next year, Lisa´s adventure  – like a giant rock blocking the entrance to a safe haven.
Her friends are dancing to fast music. In between words like drumbeats:   “useful”, “far from home”, “culture shock”, “her boyfriend?” He`s zigzagging towards her. The strobe lights go berserk: “No,”  “worries,” “always,”  “be my,”  “girl.”
Lisa turns around, ‘I´m not leaving to remain the same.’

Divenita (71)

Jumped in the puddle
Splash on your face, embarrassed!
Earned your angry gaze

Your nascent bosom,
And the captivating looks
Took my breath away

Who was it, with you?
Looked like, was deeply in love
My heart burned

Your eyes moist, I cried
I cursed him every minute
And prayed for your life

Prayers were answered
You earned a beautiful life
It cost me my life

DokSaab (117)

I could see him through the window.  They were about to leave. He was looking so handsome, calm and pale.  I so intensely wanted to go hug and kiss him.

Don’t bother me Vipin, I’m busy.
“I’m going, Honey and just wanted you to give me a hug.”
Come on! We’re not newlyweds. And you’re just going to the office.
“But my day goes well when………….”
You…… ok, tomorrow I’ll give you a hug and a kiss too, God promise.   

I tried to run out and catch him but my legs became weak and shaky. I shouted but he didn’t respond. He kept on lying peacefully, draped in the white sheet, rose petals scattered all over him.

ruSh.Me  (149)

“Well, hello, we meet again!”
‘Hello, yourself!”
“Yes, it’s almost like a routine now!”
“Ha ha, a 7-to-8 work schedule!”
“I was sort of waiting for you, err.. as in.. waiting for it!”
“Oh! You were missing me?”
“Yes. No. Not out-of-my-head missing.  Just a general eagerness.”
“So how was your day?”
“Mildly interesting; the kitchen tap suddenly started spewing water; the maid didn’t come today and eternal blame game between the 2 women is never-ending!”
“Wow that is certainly a productive day, as per my standards; my existence is purely at the mercy of system.”
“No, don’t say like that, I love meeting you at these god-forsaken times; and parting again, till tomorrow.”
“Oh, that’s terribly sweet of you! I remember the first time we met and you hated me for burning the life out of yo…”

Lucita darling, put out the candle, will you? The power’s back!

Genuine Fake(150)

That early morning phone call and I knew Shantanu wanted me to wake up for his big day. I turned on the bed and watched the fan blades cut through air. It was unusually quiet.
As the curtains fluttered, giving me glimpses of the rising sun, I thought about Shaan. His gregarious instinct, impulsive choices, vague ideas about ‘freedom’ and his chivalry made him so attractive… his dedicated nonchalance toward commitment and its various instances, made me crack up; just as the same time the morning did.
I looked at a photograph of us. We always were different. Yet we dwell together, side by side. Like two islands divided by oceans.
And we’ve come a long way at that.
Amidst our whirlwind romance, a wedding at twenty, a quick divorce and now, his second wedding…We never said farewell.
The phone rang.  “It is time”, he exclaimed.
“Is it?”… I choked.

Jennifer (144)

Au revoir
There is this crescent shaped void
that overlaps sometimes
sleeps like red bricks
burns like charcoal on slow sand
sinks like quicksilver
rains rapidly on a thing
that looks like my
mind someday.
On other days
it’s just a non existent
clueless something
minus me.

It spells like thirst;
lip-syncs in
quick succession like
an unapproved mumble.

There is this indescribable emptiness
that is suave
handsome, incisive
divisive, territorial
irresistibly resistant.

Almost like a silhouette of a map
in between
the weather and a country; forlorn
like an ageing coliseum or
a frayed manuscript.

There is this space that
refuses to fill
refuses to die
yet throbs like an uncut vein
thinks like the


between the words and the
entourage of wounds…

Your absence remains an incision
painfully visible
and undeniably

Kshitiz (150)

Bags on shoulder, books in bag
Stars in eyes, Ideas in head
Education was for sale, grades had a price tag
Resistance met rejection, on a thin line we tread
But we tried

Arms of steel, smart as a whip
The officer rejected us, on his radar we were just a tiny blip
Recommendations met purses, we had to come again
But we tried

We got the uniform after numerous tries
We were the police, its pride was our prize
Our colleagues got cars, we had scooters
But we tried

The city was burning, bullets were spraying everywhere
Duty had called, terror had struck & we were there
The bullet had made a 6mm hole in your heart
Freedom met death; your name was on the martyr chart
The city still explodes, the politicians still promise
Your sacrifice has become a story of the dead
Goodbye my friend, you tried.

Sowmya (132)

Goodbye bills and nasty ills
I will never worry about you again
Goodbye seconds and leftover chicken
Now I can feed the entire nation

Goodbye heat and unfulfilled treats
I will now have silk under my feet
Goodbye buses and crowded trains
And to all the daily pains

No more waiting in line or trembling for favors benign
I will just click and snap to get a solitaire fine
No more nine to five seven days a week
Luck, laughter and lust will make the day mine

I will gladly say ‘I do’
What if he is fifty-two
He has three houses and cars few
Not to mention the swimming pool blue

So I have compromised
Few years for the wealth desired
I am happy and signing
Here is to new beginnings

Mandappa (129)

Goodbye is too good a word girl
farewell is just as kind.
it’s all kinda unnecessary for all the pain you’ve left behind

but fare the well o pieces of my heart
i know i let you hurt. and how.
you should be gone now

for the occult snake can poison you.
with its fangs as harsh as life.
but that pain doesnt compare
to a beautiful butterfly. bleeding you dry.

ouch. the pain to see your beauty queen
bare her teeth, that lil vampire sheen.
but that doesn’t hurt as much when your dream.
she whispers. i love you through her sweet smile
as she bites you neck deep.

Goodbye’s too good a word girl.
Farewell is just as kind.
Fare the well o pieces of my heart.


You dressed me for school, you made me lunch
Mom, you & me, were the happiest bunch
I was your princess & you were my king
You taught me to walk, run & swirl
Cause Daddy, I was your little girl

I got big & had my own friends
You were always there, to see me through the bends
Met my prince, he was from a different culture & caste
When people came to know, everyone was aghast
But you came & straightened all the curls
Cause Daddy, I was your little girl

You lie in the bed on life support
The doctor says, we will have to wait & watch
My little boy, my husband, lot of things I have to see
The hospital bills are a bit costly
Goodbye Daddy, I ask to take you off support
I hope you understand, Cause Daddy, I am your little girl

Utsav (150)

Childhood: A Missed Farewell

We were advised against it but,
Were stupefied enough to play with fire.
Tried to take off and touch the sky,
Wasn’t us! Birds created this burning desire.

Could run faster than anything that moved,
It was a belief that had no cause.
We must have been too young back then,
For we never knew all things went by laws.

Got burned and bruised, but mostly scolded,
And finally had to follow the word.
Started living an experienced life, not ours,
Never heard of the things we never heard.

Time flew, seasons drifted, and
Years were merely a thing to celebrate.
I didn’t need the word anymore,
My life was mine and things seemed great.

My nephew begged me to play today,
Finally I ran and won, but without the joy.
Was suddenly struck by this realization, that
My oldest friend had left, without saying goodbye.

Pinkrose Petals (150)

The night was dark and silent
As we lay in our beds
Praying for the loving family
No pillows for our heads.

Visitors come
They see our little smiling faces
But there lies a different world behind our smiles.
For us life is a torment, full of stresses.

To get a home, home sweet home
The longing is more longer
Waiting for our turn to come
When life would take us away, to foster.

We don’t know where have we come from
and where would we go
Tomorrow again someone will come
And one of us will go.

The rest of  us with broken heart,
Sing for his future so bright.
He would see this world so big
We will live with  woeful plight.

Now we lay here in the darkness,
With thoughts racing through our heads.
Hoping to get a family,
When, we would get up from our beds

***Since we hadn’t specified IST in our deadline, Richa (living in the USA) was technically within time when she sent her take well past midnight and we could not refuse her a chance to kompete***

Richa Gupta (104)

Once you were a child
So sweet tempered and mild
You had so many ambitions and dreams
Fulfilling them…so hard it seemed
There was a mountain of hard work
From which you never shirked

Guided by teachers your goals were set
They taught you the good, the better and the best
Today you can look back and see
All your work and patience, that was they way to be

You are going out to join a new world
Let your life glow and shine like a pearl
People with choices… like you… are so few
With sad and happy hearts we wish you “adieu”


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