Klash of the Konfessioners

August 5, 2011


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Nandini Sen (147)

An expanse of green, rolling into a hill. Far away there is a cute cottage with a fence running around it. A German Sheppard stands there with his tail wagging. Beside him is a girl with a sweet, smiling face. There is a gentle breeze, and her ponytail flaps. No let me erase that, she wears her hair in a plait – yes, with a big ribbon.
That girl is me. I look up at the sky, and lo behold, there is a rainbow on the horizon. A rainbow with a profusion of colours – red, green, violet, blue, orange. No, I change some of the colours into maroon and pink.
Colours – what are they but mere names, filled out by my imagination. I have many images running all through my mind – people call them dreams. You see, I am blind, I cannot see without, but can dream within.

Jennifer Robertson(151)

No comebacks

Today, there is more pain than poetry; I’m fending you off; word by word, slicing all that remains of you, in me. Names, tombstones, everything that fell headlong; this savage rush of conversations that bled to pieces; I couldn’t collect. I have to flee from this feverish energy of ending, this unnerving space that keeps getting bigger and the recklessness with which it consumes me. You’re casting shadows on me, long and winding and tyrantly obsessive. Remember the day we shared our being, we thought we were half full with each others’ emptiness. You’d combed a strand away from my face. My bare hands were sunk in a space where the fireflies were beginning to get sparse and yet the twinkle remained; faintly between us.
I think it’s time to pull our bodies out of the coffin.
Tell me I’m asleep. Tell me we’ll get used to it, eventually.

Divenita (121)

Free from prejudice and slavery of the mind
Free from preconceived notions of any kind
I dream of a nation, Independent

Free from the cultures that dissuade progress
Free from the sentiments that catalyse distress
I dream of a nation, independent

Free from the politics that fill the pockets
Free from the discrimination by the pennies in our wallet
I dream of a nation, Independent

Free from the lethargy of our goals
Free from the manipulations and fouls
I dream of a nation, Independent

Free from the seeds sown with greed
Free from the malice in those deeds
I dream of a nation, Independent

Set Free! Not just the mind
But also the soul
Set free your being as a whole

Kshitiz (148)

She had seen her sons go to the grave; she had seen her daughters brutally raped. She never wore this saree before, stained with the blood of her own family. Her family lived contentedly together, but then the merchants came & brought with them a feeling of vacillation. A feeling so sick, that brother shed brother’s blood & the family was blown to smithereens. The Family was now a puppet in the merchant’s hand.  Then one day her feeblest son stood & with him stood the entire clan & heaved the merchants out of their home. The parts she lost were nothing compared to her happiness however soon reality dug its fangs deep into her chest.
Brother is still thirsty for brother’s blood; daughters are openly raped. Even after 64 years of banishing the merchants out, our mother is a mute spectator, watching her dreams turning to nightmares.

Scribbler (148)

Thu, Aug 4, 2011
Minutes before 4pm
Seated at his desktop, he quickly took time off his busy schedule to what he loves to do most. His hands ran across the keyboard typing a mail. In a split second he glanced at his wrist watch and then at the calendar on his desk. The silence lets his mind to ponder. And the stillness around him makes his heart to wander back in time. He thinks to himself, “Time is faster than the speed of our thought. It’s been
5 years, and we’re still going. And it still seems like a … Ah! Well, this can’t be mere coincidence. What an apt word for this season. It does seem like a Dream.” That very instant a smile surfaced on his face. And he pushed the send button, returning to reality with great expectations for the 5th Anniversary
of Klash.

Sowmya (127)

I so need a break –A break from it all.
When will I have a vacation? I want a day when I don’t have to do any work, when someone pampers me and takes all the decisions for me. Everyone I know tells me their troubles. They all look up to me to solve their problems and make their life easier. Few invite me during good times to partake their success and triumphs but most blame me for their trials and disappointments. Why do people depend on me? Why don’t I have a destiny, a pre-determined course of action chartered out by someone else? Why don’t I have someone to pass the baton to?
After his forty winks, the Almighty resumed taking care of the world again!

Neha (150)

Tip a rap. Tip a rap
Dib a doodle do
In a castle all caged up
Have been waiting for you

Tip a rap. Tip a rap
Dib a doodle do
The witch says she will kill me
For my 18th birthday, she’s been waiting too

Tip a rap. Tip a rap
Dib a doodle do
Years, I have been in the castle
When will he come to my rescue?

Tip a rap. Tip a rap
Dib a doodle do
On his white horse & shining armor
I see a brave knight coming through

Tip a rap. Tip a rap
Dib a doodle do
He killed the cruel witch & freed me
On his horse, the path of flowers we pursue

Tip a rap. Tip a rap
Dib a doodle do
Mamma wakes me up, time to go to school
Goodbye my prince, tonight I will come back for you


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