Klash of the Konfessioners

August 9, 2012


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Frank Joussen (66)

Meeting as Friends

Friends – playing games
in the schoolyard, on the playground
till the first chance touches triggered
a whole new universe of drug experiences
in their brains, generally known as feelings.

The first kiss, the first love-making,
the first quarrel at the last rendezvous.
Now only accidental encounters
in the supermarket, at the odd party
for all the world as
friends – playing games.

Nandini Sen (150)

Her arms shook, but wouldn’t move. It’d been like this for weeks. Doctor called it Parkinson’s Diseases. She hated the sound of it. The medicines were horrible. On the sly, she’d miss having the doses. Nothing seemed fine – she couldn’t move at will, had lost her appetite, was depressed.
The worried family found another doctor.
Doctor: “You’ve been a bad girl, missing all your medicines”.
Mrs Sinha: “The medicines are killing me. I hate Parkinson”
Doctor: “Ok here’s the deal. Your brain sends a message to your muscle to move, but she’s angry with him – misunderstanding because of that bloke Parkinson. But you want them to have friendship na? So get that friendship band – the medicines. Give it to your muscles, and she will make friendship once again, and listen to your brain. Now isn’t that simple? Your body parts should all be friends, then only they’ll hold you up.”

Devina Singh (112)

The loner in me stood out loud
And asked who really is a friend.
Fleets of faces passed by but no one
Stood even still.
Empty promises broke me
Unfaithfulness haunted me
But you….
Grabbed my hand and stood by me.

Listening to every crap I would say..
Laughing at the flattest of the things…
And hours and hours you will wait…
You are honest sweet and true
Cause you don’t treat me like a bait.
All of a sudden one fine night,
My friend, the lover emerged.
It is a splendid feeling to know
That now the man on my right is the lover
And the best friend
Of my life.

Asha Prabhu (148)

He sat on the couch holding a medal that belonged to his daughter. How he missed her!! Now, he had made up his mind to join her. He had made all the necessary arrangements and was extremely excited about this trip. He sat and waited. His watch showed that there still was 5 more minutes to go. It seemed too long to wait for. The excitement was too much to bear. He closed his eyes and began to breathe deeply so that he could relax. He could hear the clock ticking, his heart beating and his breath. Thoughts began to fade and serenity swept upon him. He could feel his breath getting shallower by the minute. Slowly he began to slip into a deep slumber. By the end of 5 minutes, everything came to a standstill. The friendship between his body and soul finally came to an end.

Priyanka (146)

When the day seems blue and the night seems long,
when the heart is singing a lonely song,
when life seems to go on in a boring trend,
when days just don’t seem to come to an end.

When the mind is crowded with numerous doubts,
when there’s no surety, what life’ll bring about;
then fate brings someone, like a real Godsend,
that person, that someone, becomes a friend.

With friends, memories made are forever to keep,
with friends around, you laugh and with joy you leap;
but when you are gloomy and the tears don’t end,
then the one who holds you close, is your true friend.

Life becomes beautiful, just knowing someone’s there,
loving you, caring for you, someone with whom you share,
all the ups and downs, of life, till the end,
who’s always there for you, that someone ~~ your true friend!

Juhi (134)

The box of dadi’s anchor threads lay open. Its contents strewn on the bed. Greens, pinks, yellows and whites. Blues and purples and 2 large yarns of orange and red.
I picked up one of the whites and pulled on its end. The thread unravelled, slowly slinking out of its silken cage.
I measured it around my wrist, and with mom’s scissors snipped it off. I had white for our fights.
The seven colours soon joined in, and the kaleidoscope began.
The red of affection, went over the orange of teasing, while the green of understanding twisted itself around the yellow of fun.
The purple for laughter entwined with the blue of support. While white went dancing in circles around the pink of smiles.
The final knot tied, and our friendship band was complete.


Exceeds word limit..

Prateik Bubna(204)

He tries to write a letter. To his one and only friend. A friend that was.  A friend that perhaps still is a friend. After partition he hasnt being in contact with Abdul for 2 years now. Will he ever forgive him? For not being there when he was required the most. Amardeep is sure that Abdul will understand that the circumstances were such that friendship had to be sidetracked…

Rahul picks his cell and glances through his BBM list. For the last few days he has being contemplating pinging him. Its being 3 years since they spoke, the last time being when Rahul left for US, but neither deleted the other from BBM contacts.  Over the last 3 years, Jatin has pinged and msged him on BBM multiple times. But Rahul was using a secondary cellphone and too busy to glance at BBM msgs. He was with new friends and living a new life in US. But now he is back in Mumbai. Back to old friends. Which includes his once upon a time best friend Jatin. Rahul is sure that Jatin will understand that the circumstances were such, that he was so busy, that their friendship had to be sidetracked…


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