Klash of the Konfessioners

February 21, 2008


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Mandappa KC (107)

“Psst. I love you.”

She was seated 4 chairs away. Her silken hair falling across her face. The faint lighting shone from the stage out front. The opera was gaining momentum. Emotion swept through the theatre as Romeo professed his love. Emotion flew. Emotion stirred. The crowd sat in rapture. So did he.

Staring shamelessly at her. She had swept him off his feet the moment she entered. A fleeting thought of all the dirty lechers he’d scorned. Yet he leched. Leched like never before. At her damsel lips, her attentive eyes. The cashmere stole wrapped carelessly, daintily. He leched.

She turned and glowered. “Psst, fuck off.”


Sarang Mahajan (5)

“Psst!!…. Your zipper is open.”


Willy Wingfoot (119)

Elle led me to the shallow stream.

“There”, she squeaked.

I nodded. The stream led into a dungeon.

“You’re doing this, Prince?”

One last wink at the mouse, I sneaked in.

The dungeon evolved into a thundering underground waterfall.

Random steps down; I found the beast deep in slumber. Its huge breathing form created ripples in the water.

I hooked an arrow. Aimed, pulled, released.


The giant FROG woke with a cry.

Lunar eyes found the tiny rebellion.

Long tongue lashed out. My bow fell apart.

Not done yet, fat arse.

Shield and sword, I ran towards it.

It leaped high….its flight covered the distance…and fall about to squash me…


I looked down.

4B. Define Photosynthesis?


Kavish Sinha(120)

“Psst!”… Dreams Calling

Mutihued multitude, bright purple balloons, dazzling bangles, ornamented kites, saffron turbans, modest camels and a desire to buy all of these.

“Be quiet or you’d be lost”, the customary response to my demands….and then I was. Lost and unmindful in the fair.

“Psst!” and a come-hither look from bright, wrinkled eyes. I turned away. “Psst!” and again.

“Want those twinkling stars?” I nodded. He swooshed them onto my palm… curling it into a fist. “These are dreams”, said he with twinkling eyes, “…don’t cost anything.”

Dad found me, clutched my right hand while in my left sat those stars…

The old man faded, not the stars. I still dare to dream and they call out….. “Psst! We don’t cost anything”.



We are Open-Minded, Beta… Tum dono Baat-vaat karlo…”

The New Sari Ruffled…

The Shirt Crumpled & Straightened…

Stilettos Got Muffled On The Carpet With The Quiet Eerie…

Slender Copper-Hued Nails Piercing Warm, Shaky Flesh. The Reminiscences Clouded, Expanding, Blinding Her Vision… One Short Breath, An Eye-Contact & The Truth Came Stumbling Out…

“Listen, I Don’t Wanna Keep You In Any Sorts Of… I Mean… There Are Few Things You Should Know About Me…”

“Hmm… I Don’t Think That You Should…”

“Please Lemme…”

“Its Really Not Required… I Like Someone…”





(Nervous Smile)

(Giggles Galore)

Kya baatien hui bhai… Chalo, Baaki Baad mein…

“Excuse Me… Ummm… Err… Psst, Psst!!”

(The Eyes Replied)

“The Someone I Like… Is….. You!!”


Heady Concoction (114)

Heart ‘n Ache

“Why don’t you listen to me baby?”

“Now STOP crying…Shhh Shhh”

The mother was valiantly trying to calm down her wailing child.

He had hurt his finger while playing with the door. The tender finger had gone all red, was slightly swollen and the mother’s heart wept with the aches the boy must be feeling. The wetness in her eyes threatened to spill over…at the vision of her little boy’s trauma.

Psst psst…

The boy turned around…jumped from his mother’s lap and scrambled down the stairs wiping his eyes with the back of his hands.

“Mom I’m going to play with Arnav…”, tossed at the mother.

A slight smile curved the mother’s lips…


Juhi the Fragrant (116)

Eyes wide open,

and a bit of

her mouth too

Charu watched as,

Leena jumped off

her trained kangaroo.

When her snowy trail

had finally reached them,

Charu couldn’t resist

and enquired of Hem

“psst..did you know,

she’s lame?”

His glare quieted her,

but again she piped.

This time to the

lady in white

“psst…are you aware,

of her false hair?”

When the lady

quietly withdrew,

poor Charu,

looked anew.

She spotted Rai,

sipping his chai.

“Psst, did I tell you

she fired her crew?”

“No, how’s her ship?”

“It’s taking a bad trip!”

Hem materialized, and

Charu was quiet.

She informed

a girl’s back,

“psst..Leena lies.”

When she turned,

There was shock

in her eyes.



Days with you seemed so brief and nights were somehow spent in your dreams. Swinging on the jute rope beneath that banyan tree, we learned together that life is like a song. And then one day you didn’t come to meet. They told me that you had left the town and would never be back. I screamed whole day and wailed all night but my screeching didn’t reach you. Months, Seasons, Years passed away and I haven’t slept for long, so that night soil immersed into soil. But my wait wasn’t over yet, Born again I sprouted through the soil.

Psst.. Hey you! Where are you looking at, sweetheart! Pluck me for your pleasure and release my soul.


Dok Saab (120)

Psst….Psst….hey Garima!
-Don’t make noise, Mom’s asleep
Please come to my house.
We’ll play Snake n Ladder.

Psst….Psst….hey Garima!
-Shut up, Sir is looking this way.
Please Garima just tell me,
What’s the capital of France?

Psst….Psst….hey Garima!
-Go away, Dad’s at home.
Please come to the terrace.
I want to show you my new bike.

Psst….Psst….hey Garima!
-Not now, Didi’s very angry.
Please meet me at the CCD.
I have written a poem for you.

Psst….Psst….hey Garima!
-Keep quite, Papaji is still awake.
Please I want to be alone with you.
Why can’t we go for a honeymoon?

Psst….Psst….hey Garima!
-Ssshh…Munna has just slept.
Please ask Amma to look after Munna.
I have two tickets for the night show.


Krishna (119)

[Vernacular entry, not up for competition]

Befikar si basanti hawa ne nayi kopalon se kaha
psst psst

ankurit beejon ne dharaa ki kokh se kaha
psst psst

jhurmut peechhe thand se siharti premibala ne krishna se kaha
psst psst

ugte sooraj ki aarunim kirnon ne sarv-vyapi chitrakaar se kaha
psst psst

sarson ke peele phoolon ne us paar dandelions ki peeli baharon se kaha
psst psst

har saal aur buland hogi wah psst psst, aur ek din…
ek din uske sureele swar main woh rakt-pipasu aatmain bhool jayeingi

woh mandir ke jhagde aur masjid ke vivad

Aisa Iran, Waisa Korea: chup ho jayenge woh Shankhnaad

Aur Dharti se ambar tak, Uttar se Dakshin tak, Poorab se Paschim tak

goonjegi pyar ki ek aawaz

psst psst


Richa Gupta (120)

“Psstttt, pssttt, here. Why have you been ignoring me?? At least look at me!”

“Why don’t you leave me alone…stop bothering me”

“ohh I bother you now…I remember differently”

“Stop it…stop tempting me. Its not right”

“It is…just reach out, touch me”

“Are you crazy??? I have been working very hard to ignore you…leave me alone” I implored

“What is with you women? You reach and I tingle in anticipation of your warm mouth but then you pull back! You reject me! You are ruining my self esteem”

“And you are ruining my diet” I scowled at the chocolate fudge cake as I straightened my back and walked off…

“Pssssstttt” I heard as he tried to entice another susceptible female!!


Nandini Sen (118)

“Psst” she said, “don’t eat too many sweets”. I didn’t listen and got worms in my tummy.

“Psst, staying up late with storybooks will give you a headache.” She was right – headache and scolding from teacher for being inattentive.

“Psst, just smile, he’ll like you even with the braces”. I didn’t, and went unnoticed by him.

“Psst, ring her up” I did only after two months. She’d moved away. A connection broke.

“Psst, hug him & say sorry”. I didn’t and lost an emotion.

My conscience always whispers in her low pleasant voice, but I act belligerent.

Ohh there she goes again “Psst don’t write in Klash this week .You’re out of ideas”. As usual I’m not listening.


Mickey the Monkey (120)

Who could be there at this hour?
Jane, thinking I was asleep, sneaked out.
I snooped and found Mowgli waiting for her under our tree.
Why was she meeting this chaddhi-clad boy clandestinely?
Soon she came back and slipped in the bed quietly.
Throughout the next day I was disturbed.
I wandered aimlessly in the jungle, and retuned home quite late.
From a distance I saw my tree glowing.
It was decorated with candles and balloons.
Jane was talking to Mowgli excitedly.
I wondered what were they up to.
“Happy Birthday, Mickey” they exclaimed.
“Thanks buddy, but when did you plan all this.”
“Mowgli talked to me while you were asleep, Honey, he wanted to give you a surprise.”


Priyanka Chakraborty (119)

“Psst..psst..!! Anil..psst..”


“We’ll meet after class, and decide..”

“Shh..Rishi sir’ll hear..”

“Psst.. Sahil please pass this note to Anil.”

Marwayega kya Nitin!!”

“Sir’s not looking, pass kar de.”

Rishi was not oblivious to what was going on behind his back, but he tried not to react. He chuckled to himself. He was remembering his schooldays when he and his friends used to pass notes in class and whisper endlessly.

But this was military school. Discipline had to be maintained. With a heavy sigh, he turned from the blackboard and said, “Sahil, Anil, Nitin! Out of the class, right now and three rounds of the field.”

Sahil gave Nitin a dirty look and said, “Ab kar psst, psst.. Idiot..!!”


Coffee is my poison (120)

Pssst…whats that voice i hear?

Psst…Sweta, it said,
from the deep confines
within my head.
heres free counsel
you’d normally dread.

pssst…always be polite
to the seemingly small
thelewala,plumber,watchman et al
everyone deserves respect!
no job’s that abject.

psst…you’re free
do what your heart says,
you alone reap eventually,
the fruit of your inabilities,
to say no, trying so hard to please.

psst…take time
smell flowers, pet dogs,
feel the sunshine!
pittering pattering raindrops…

wrong decision!
but the textbook says so,
listen to the inside,
on which you can rely,
proclivity’s magic wand….

psst…whos out there?
its a dark night, i’m alone,
say something
sounds seem louder
shapes odder.

psst… have faith
listen to me
I’m the real you
hear me out
see yourself fly!


Konfessioner Singh (71)

This sight is tender:

A plump peach blossom
with a blush,
into a brown bosom;
peeking every now and then–
from under dew tickled
tapering green leaf tips
magic green carpets on billows of dawn breeze.

And another,
now embraces velvet pink pale sunshine,
yawning luminosity…

And this one here,
is quivering softly,
so softly…
Hidden in chiaroscuro–
before flighty spring,
kisses sweetly;
its pursed pink lips…

“Psst… I’m here.”

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