Klash of the Konfessioners

March 18, 2011


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1. a person, thing, or influence supposed to bring bad luck.
–verb (used with object)
2. to bring bad luck to; place a jinx on: The strike has jinxed my plans to go to Milwaukee for the weekend.
3. to destroy the point of: His sudden laugh jinxed the host’s joke.

ruSh.Me (119)

She stared hard at them and nursed the dilemma with a black coffee. She didn’t believe in luck, but 4 failed interviews and she was ready to blame anything, even those precious Red stilettos. “What the hell, they make me look taller!” she mumbled and walked out.

He pondered, over her confidence, her knowledge, her smile and her Red shoes.

It was 1 am. Stirring another coffee, she replayed the disastrous events of the day; how she forgot her folder in the cab, reached an hour late, giggled throughout the interview and nervously kicked her heels. She came back, furious on herself and on those stupid jinxed shoes. Just then…

“I would love to talk it over a coffee…”

Kshitij Agnihotri (120)

The Chill of the cold prison floor had long stopped sending shivers in his body & the ache had become a part of Adit’s life. Memories of Sanaa & the day they were to elope again flashed his mind blank.
Waiting there he heard the shriek; a car entered the scene, four burly men got down holding a girl by her hair. Eyes met, what followed was blood on his shirt, one man down, dagger in his hand, the weeping of the girl. 100 sirens, thousands of pleas afterwards he was here with 2364 inmates.
Was Sanaa jinxed, as his mother had claimed or was he jinxed, as her parents had claimed, he had more than 10 years to decide.

Nandini Sen (114)

Salim took up his position on the left side of the room.
Amrita again wore her blue T-shirt
Grandpa kept sitting in that peculiar position with fingers crossed.
Mummy kept holding that bottle of water all through out
Daniel got up and sat down after each over
Papa viewed the match standing outside the room.
No one but the hostel warden could switch on the telly before the match
Dude the pet dog was made to lie on the rug all through the 50 overs.
Together we all are a nation of jinx breakers, and the 28 year old jinx must be broken. The little master should hold the World Cup before he retires.

Rumjhum Sengupta (120)

Kavita’s eyes stare the tv screen——Soldiers, tanks, ammunitions. Three days her son left.
“You can almost hear the firing from where Im standing… we were not allowed beyond this point. With Cameraman Prasad, this is Sarla Bhat…..”
Ting Tong! Heaviness in her bosom she opens the door. Two solemn soldiers look up and hand her a letter. “This is from the Chief. We are extremely sorry Ma’m…”
The letter says that her son is posthumously awarded for brave challenges accepted. Not a tear smears Kavita’s face. “This war was jinxed” she says “He has faced bigger challenges”
On TV, Sarla Bhat in her silk dress accepts the journalist’s award for “Courageously covering events at the war “. Everybody applauds.

DokSaab (70)

“Two jinxes were shattered on Wednesday. India had played Pakistan twice before at Mohali, and lost each time. And cricket diplomacy had proved rather unlucky for India. Fortunately, India reversed the trend this time, or Manmohan Singh’s peace initiative may have been denounced by many irate cricket fans.”– TOI dt 31/03/2011.
Two jinxes were broken, and one remained unbroken. The team I support always looses. The jinx continues.

Genuine Fake (120)

Morning comes and I seethe,
This thorn of love I unsheathe,
Only to let it pierce through me,
Making me pine and grieve…

To me, you seem so lone,
And even with that smile so known,
Most emotions you condone,
And most people you cordon

There is a pain you hide,
That causes you to deride,
A happiness that could reside,
For all your tears to elide…

I wish to ease your fear,
To erase every drear,
I want to iron the kinks
And try so hard to break this jinx

But all I do is watch you from afar,
Through a window left ajar,
How can I even be where you are,
When I am just your dead memoir?

Neha (116)

Once in the animal kingdom so wild
The animals praised themselves, my oh my,
The lion roared so as to say “survival of the fittest”
The elephant stood tall, putting the lion’s claims to rest,
The peacock danced to show what he deserved.
The monkey chirped, the hippo observed,
The snake came slithering, in the poem he had to be cast
The birds joined in so did the reptiles all came in fast
It seemed all the animals wanted to show they are the best
But one small black thing was standing far from the rest
The black cat cried asking everyone why o why,
Why am I jinxed?  Please tell me or should I cry?


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