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December 25, 2008

The Night Before Christmas

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Merry Christmas!


DokSaab (119)

On this dark, cold, foggy night, I was out looking for a confectionary. Not any ordinary night, but the night before Christmas.

Luckily this dingy grocery shop had some toffees.Just as I was going to pay for the toffees, I heard a voice. “Uncle, I haven’t eaten for two day, buy me some bread.”
This cachectic boy was looking expectantly towards me.

Kids had slept, hanging their socks on the window, when I came back. Never before had Santa failed to fill their socks with toffees.

“Papa, didn’t Santa come last night?”.

“Sonny, He came but he met a hungry kid and gave him all his toffees. But don’t cry, Santa asked me to buy for you much more.”


Rush.Me (116)


(Somewhere in a dark alley)
“Man!! These techno-security locks are really a pain… Those ancient latches were a piece of cake…”

(Uncle Sam’s Bakery)
“No one comes to buy the authentic 6-week raisin-in-rum cake!!! Oh, Damn these New Super Bakeries!!”

(Behind the cash counter of a Super bakery)
“Can’t even get a leave for this evening!! When do I go out with my family??”

(Chatter in family room)
“When will papa come home, mommy??” “Soon Baby!! (Gosh, He is even busier than Santa!!)”

(Santa House, the North Pole)
“Oh! What moral dilemma?? This boy has me asked for Burglar-Friendly-Tool-Kit. His dad is a thief!! What do I do??”

What does Santa do??


Scribbler (119)


The Christmas tree gleamed in all its glory,
With gifts wrapped, labelled
And laid neatly underneath.
Greeting cards from loved ones arranged next to it, accordingly.
Everyone seemed busy preparing for the next day,
The dawn that freed the world from perpetual obscurity.

The house shone bright and glorious
With the spirit of yuletide.
Every face carried the warmth and charm
Of good tidings and cheer.
These were the few blissful moments
He cherished everyday.

Just after he woke up
And before he began the day.
He would rerun the night before Christmas
Right before his eyes like it was yesterday.
Well, this is the routine of a Soldier
Who guards our nation by the border all day.




Priyanka Chakraborty (120)

Snow fell softly, strains of ‘Silent Night’ emanated from the radio, big red stockings hung at the fireplace, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, its star shining brightly, stood proudly near the window; all was calm and quiet, when suddenly..

“CRASH… owwwww… BOOM… BANG.. owwwwww!!”

And Tom, with his tail in the mouse trap, chased Jerry, from the pantry into the living room.

“Hilarious!! Ho, ho, ho!!” laughed out the roly-poly old man, watching his favorite show for the umpteenth time.

“Haven’t you left yet?” his wife chided.

“I’m going, I’m going dear. There’s still time. I wish I had a nice, quiet night before Christmas”, Santa sighed, as he stepped into his sleigh and headed off into the night sky.



Pratik Kamani (109)

Lost in yesteryear, she fingered the cold yellow band. It had been so perfect, mistletoes and strawberry pies, green bells and red poky hats. She could still smell him. She remembered that night, dancing away in his arms.

She had hoped against hope, that he would bring back the romance this year. Even after all the bitter moments, the feisty nights, she hoped he would make it special…

A deep silence stirred the room as he shut the door behind him. She lost a tear… He came close, wiped away the tear “It’s still the night before Christmas darling, its still the night before us”.

St. Nicholas won again.



Nandini Sen (120)

A tired Mrs. Claus flopped down in the rocking chair. Sipping her Cognac, nibbling on plum cake, she thought about the last few weeks. Boosting the elves morale, grooming reindeers until they glowed, supplying endless coffee while Santa worked nights, repairing the sleigh. It was madness, and now, while the world celebrated, the night before Christmas, she was alone, tired, and without her man.

God had invited her to His special dinner, and as always she’d declined. However she did accept God’s special initiatives for her. This year she’d chosen Elvis to sing for her.

So this night before Christmas, she curled up, switched on the screen to track Santa’s progress, and gestured Elvis to croon his numbers for her.



Pratik Bubna (115)

The night before christmas:

Having completed my Christmas shopping I decided to have a coffee at the cafe.
The person at the counter said its about closing time, but I could get my coffee before that.
I notice a small kid closing the glass door and putting up the “Closed” sign.
While leaving I saw a man in Santa’s suit approaching the cafe…an old man returning from a day’s work at some mall. The kid seemed excited, so the owner overruled the closing time for the old man.

Christmas morning:

I read the newspaper to see who won the best dressed Santa contest. Something else caught my attention:

“Santa robs cafe, owner and son injured!!”


Sowmya (120)

Swati was miserable. Everyone was having a wonderful Christmas. But she was always battling to match her income with her expenses. She thought of the beautiful things she could never have. “Christmas spirit is crap! A huge tree, cakes, expensive gifts is what a Christmas makes.” But she had her family of four to support. It was frustrating.

Suddenly she spotted her niece looking pensive.
“What’s wrong sweetheart?”
“Have I been a good girl? Will Santa give me five chocolates?”
“Of course. But why five? Not satisfied with three?”
“Then what will you and I have, Aunty?”

Swati felt very small compared to her four year old niece. Rohini had taught her about Christmas spirit on the night before Christmas.



Juhi the Fragrant (99)

T’was the night before Christmas.
And all the world was asleep
Dreaming of lollipops, chocolate and cream.
Of presents big and small, piled high
And of the pretty X’mas tree, shining bright.

The white moon smiled down,
And all the stars kissed
While the fat snowman
Thought about his will.

In the small cottage,
By the river blue
Lived a little boy
The naughtiest in his school.

All the pots and pans
That his mother had
Were right now standing
Before the firestand.

As midnight struck,
There came a terrific bang
As Santa tripped over
A mountain of saucepans.



Coffee Is My Poison (119)

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

And for the third year running, my boyfriend couldn’t find a “good quality” Santa hat, so I had to go without one, much to my chagrin.
He did however, discuss, quite seriously and enthusiastically, all our future Christmases…right upto the stocking fillers!

My dog was steadfastly refusing to be bathed, no matter how much warm milk and sweets I tried bribing her with.
She did however, leave her personal Dog house and warm blankie to snuggle up on my quilt.

Mom says Christmases will come and go but the studying time will not, so no celebrations at home.
She did however,make her famous chicken curry and plum cake just because…

Hallelujah and Merry Christmas!



Ruchika Bajoria (120)

Sylvia refused to believe that this Christmas, her wish wouldn’t come true. She’d hoped against hope and followed the plan to the t. She’d written letters, and asked everyone for help.

It was the night before Christmas. Unlike others, her miracles happened today. Last year this time, she’d been the happiest in her life. She stared out of the window and wished on the brightest star there was. She made pinky promises. She bribed and cajoled heaven.

Her mother watched from afar. She didn’t dare disabuse her of  hope. It was all she had.

As if heaven could no longer see her sad, the doorbell rang. He stood swathed in the snow.

Her miracle finally happened. Her husband was home.



Sprinkles Of Chatter (109)


The shadow tip-toed into the room. Slowly and steadily it walked towards the tree.

The golden star on the top was glistening and throwing streaks of light all over the living room. The angel hanging just below it seemed to be illuminated from within. All the presents were beautifully wrapped but one stood out the most.It was a shiny golden box with silver ribbon bows and sprinkles of glitter. It was so huge. In the haste to reach it, she stubbed a toe.


The sound brought mum out of the room. She flicked on the lights to see Annie peeking around the presents the night before Christmas morn.



Tale Twister (87)


The night before christmas…

In a few hours the gift sack would be ready and gift distribution would begin. But Santa had a different problem at hand. A lawyer sat in front of him. The demands seemed unconcievable…But Santa couldnt find a way out. The tooth-fairy was the judge. Although a good friend of Santa…he agreed with the lawyer’s demands. The lawyer’s clients won.

Santa sighed. He signed the contract.

Tonite…Santa pulls the sleigh while Rudolph and gang distribute the gifts and have the milk and cookies…



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