Klash of the Konfessioners

June 13, 2008


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1. To make a loud, harsh noise: The gears of the old car clashed and grated.
2. To come together or collide, esp. noisily: The cymbals clashed.
3. To conflict; disagree: Their stories of the accident clashed completely.
4. (of juxtaposed colors) To be offensive to the eye.
5. To engage in a physical conflict or contest, as in a game or a battle (often fol. by with): The Yankees clash with the White Sox for the final game of the season.

Nikhil Mahajan (120)

There was a shadow lurking in her closet,
Reminding her of somebody, some time in her life,
When she met someone, felt something in her heart,
They were noticed, there were speculations, rife.
They knew they met for a reason,
Not worrying about a single rumor, or backlash,
Spinning the wheel on their lives,
They knew their lives had had a clash

Times changed, he changed too.
He cared about the world more than he ever did.
Whenever the cameras flashed
She tried to be composed, chirpy and candid
One day he left, leaving her alone,
Wondering, pondering, about what caused the strife
There was a shadow lurking in her closet,
Reminding her of somebody, some time in her life…


Juhi, the Fragrant (118)

Clash! Crash! Clatter! Bang! Chhnnnnnn……! Suddenly the house reverberated with sounds similar to a thunderstorm. “What happened? What did you break? Did you hurt yourself!!?” Suman called out as she frantically tried to get out of the bed, rudely awakened from a deep sleep. “Don’t you dare get out of that bed!” warned her husband’s voice. “Everything’s under control. I have just…dropped…err…a few things.”

Suman sighed. She rued the silly kitty party that her mother-in-law had made her attend, as a result of which she was suffering from this horrible food poisoning. And more importantly, Prashant’s intense love and care.
“Suman! The doctor has advised complete rest!” His strangled voice still echoed in her head and she smiled.

Nandini (97)

A tremendous clash was taking place. The alien had invaded unchartered territory, and it had to be broken down. The pancreas knew that to avoid damage, it will have to produce more enzymes. However the alien object was putting up a fight. Pancreas pumped more enzymes, the small intestine quivered with the impact.

Sunita clutched her stomach and sat down. She wished she had not indulged in her third samosa. The clash in her stomach was making her feel sick.

She popped a Diegene, the clash subsided. Pancreas had won and Sunita managed to digest her samosa.


Coffee is my Poison (120)

“UGH… is he colorblind? His shirt clashed totally with his trousers!” said Ruchi.
“That’s not reason enough to say no…” retorted her mother.
“YEAH? Well is the fact that he doesn’t talk sense and that everything he’s done so far is like a terrible comedy of errors and he’s blissfully unaware reason enough…? When Sweta asked him, if he was into any physical sports he said he liked videogames.”

“No ones perfect, neither are you.”

Her mom was wrong about that, She did know the perfect guy… only he wasn’t ready for marriage. She didn’t know if she could wait any longer. Pressures were mounting, Parents, Pundits and everyone unconcerned took it upon themselves to back her into a corner.


Priyanka Chakraborty (118)

Perseus reached the island of Medusa. There lying around were the statues of innumerable men, turned into stone. Perseus knew he had to be careful not to look at Medusa directly, else he would also be turned to stone. He constantly kept looking in his highly-polished shield, for a sign of her. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched scream….

Shobhu, the director shouted “CUT!! This is ridiculous. Som, can’t you look where you are stepping. Javed is a human being, not a statue. We have to finish this by tomorrow, and we haven’t even proceeded to Act 2. Gear up guys, come on..PLEASE…”

To himself, he said, “This is not ‘Clash of the Titans’, its clash of the morons.”


Sowmya (118)

“Not another grand-daughter”. His mother’s renewed chanting brought him back to the present….. this familiar agonizing wait when every second dragged on for a whole minute. He remembered his previous three visits…futile visits waiting for his son. “This time will be different”, he smiled. Finalizing a name for his son would kill those cruel hours. No! That’s what he did last time. Bad luck! He played with the blue stone ring…which was to bring him good luck. Or would his astrologer be proved right? Will he be the last son of his lineage? He prayed.

“What a beautiful girl!”, the panting nurse broke his reverie He slumped into his chair. Who has ever won the clash against destiny?


Rashmi (120)

“So, How Was Your Day???”
“Okay….. Nothing Great… Usual Stuff…..What About You…..??”
“It Was Quite Constructive…..”
“Oh, So You Mean To Say You Managed To Consume Less Than 1 Packet Of Cigarettes??”
“Dad…..Not Again!!!”
“Why Not???”
“What’s Smoking Gotta Do Constructivism…..?? It Was About This New AIDS Awareness Program I’ve Enrolled In…..Educating People About Safe S** And Myths About HIV….”
“Isn’t It Just Great….. First Misuse S** And Then Spread Awareness…”
“Dad, You Won’t Understand…. It’s Not Like That…..Having S** Is A Not A Mistake…..”
“Okay…..What Would You Think About God Make A Mistake…..By Creating S**!!”
“Its Not A Blunder But Close To It…….The Ignorance…..”
“You And Your Values Are A Blunder Itself……”

The Clash Continues… . . . .


Arvind Kumar (109)

He moved quickly before she realised that he was in the aisle just next to the one she hung around in. He was the predator of people’s spaces but her presence gave him the shivers. She was wild in her ways. The last time she caught up with him, she had been hanging from the ceiling and had dropped to eye level in less than a second and given him that killer look followed by the sticky kiss.. Their eyes had clashed and sparks flew. Had it been “Love at first sight” or “The Clash of the Spiders.” He simply did not want such an aggressive woman in his life.


Ruchika Bajoria (98)

A tempest in all its glory,
Surrenders to instincts predatory.
Lashes out on the destroyers of Isis…
To claim what is rightfully its.

Wind howling in trees hollow…
Water collecting in crevices shallow;
Clouds collecting to form a blanket;
Rain falling to claim its debt.

The clash of thunder,
And the flash of lightning…
The swish of the breeze;
And the sound of water crashing.

The spirited sky lets loose its wrath!
Man bows to tempestuous plans.
If only sanity had prevailed…
If only destructive ideas had been quailed…
Isis wouldn’t be angered;
And man wouldn’t be endangered.


Santonu (120)

Highway seemed to be endless, as the powerful lights of the SUV, Sumit bought last week, tore through it. Light was extremely focused as were the people inside. Rachna now sitting next her hubby in the rear sit, they wanted to bring their small car but Baba announced, “for family trip all of us has to be together….we will go by the car Sumit has bought..”. Eight people felt extremely comfortable to fit themselves inside, but that was when they started, before Sumit started talking about his prosperity sitting at the driver’s sit. Three long days and everyone is uncomfortable to fit themselves in. Sumit was no longer driving the car and people. Silence prevailed inside as the egos clashed.


Sarang Mahajan (116)

“Sachin Tendulkar treated me with utter disdain, then. He tore apart my balling. But I was only a debutant in that series. Now, I just know how to bring him down in his own lair. I’ll have my vengeance.” – Shane Warne, before the famous 1998 Australia tour of India.

“The biggest clash of the decade begins today. Will Sachin be good enough for Shane Warne, the greatest leg-spinner ever, on the turning pitches?” – Media, at the morning of the first test match.

“I still wake up with a jolt in night. I get nightmares of Sachin dancing down the track and hitting me out of the park.” – Shane Warne, weeks after the tour concluded.


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