Klash of the Konfessioners

October 19, 2008


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Ohkay everyone! This is VERY VERY VERY discouraging! This is our FIRST word in 4 months! And including me and my sister, we’re all so VERY busy with everything else to do something which brings us all pleasure and satisfaction! This is NOT just a kompetition, its our voice! It’s our channel of expression! Please do NOT let me assume that these few entries are all that we as a cult can come up with.




1)Great noise or excitement.


Rishi Ghan (113)


“Yes Sir Mr.Gatekeeper, I am God’s insurance agent”, said Mr.Portney, “And my viciousness lies in the fact that I insure God against your mistakes.”
“Excuse me?” Mr.Gatekeeper interjected.
“Yes, you make mistakes, just like the rest of us.”
“And by mistakes you must mean, not letting you in here?”
“That would be correct Mr. Gatekeeper.”
“In that case, Mr. Portney I assure you, my mistake is well compensated for, by ahem, God Himself. And He will surely acknowledge the fact that I did not allow you entry into Heaven. You clearly don’t belong here.”
“That is not for you to judge”
“Whats all the hullabaloo about” God thundered.
“Oh Mr.Gatekeeper’s been a bitch….”


Nandini Sen (108)


Chaos reigned supreme in the ashram. Swamiji was coming to give a lecture, and everything had to be in order. The sweeper was dusting up a storm, the florist and decorators were squabbling over nothing. Carpets were being laid, mikes being tested with the raucous “123 check” Curious devotees were already flocking in.

The hullabaloo was too much for Rambabu, the organizer. He tried to shut out the noise by retreating into another room, but the hullabaloo had seeped into every corner of the ashram.

He smiled and thought how ironic it was that Swamiji was coming to deliver a lecture on “The Importance of Silence in Life”.


Sowmya (120)


“What’s this hullabaloo about?” The noise irritated Swati rushing to work.

“They are from that bankrupt financial company. Poor guys, losing their job in a flash! And it’s not even their fault.” Gayathri shuddered.

“Come on. It’s just a job. Opportunities are available everywhere, one just has to look and be positive. Fortune favors the brave.” Gayathri smiled indulgently at her colleague’s zealous sermon.

An hour later, Swati’s tears blurred the pink slip she clutched. “This is unfair! It’s not our fault that crude prices are increasing and more people are travelling by trains now”, she wailed.

The next day protest rally saw Swati screaming her lungs out. She instinctively turned to hear a passer-by remark, “what’s this hullabaloo about?”


DokSaab (91)


The noise was deafening.
Doksaab, when will his fever subside,
Papa, you forgot to deposit my fee,
Boss, the meeting with the minister is at 4.
Beta, I need a pair of new glasses,
Yaar, aren’t you coming to the party tonight?
Sir, the patient on bed 3 is serious.
Honey, you are late for dinner again.
I tried to close my eyes, and relax.
The sound grew even louder.
I sunk my head deeper into the pillow,
But the hullabaloo failed to die.



Sarang Mahajan (110)


What’s this rackety hullabaloo?
I’ll say what I say, I’ll do what I do
You idiot morons, what’s it to you?

What me and my girl do in the park,
What me and my friends smoke in the dark,
Whether I care about the people or not,
I keep my morals or leave them to rot,
Leave my business to me, and shoo
What’s this rackety hullabaloo?

Gone are the days when the nation was old
If ever it was a sparrow of gold
Catching up now is the western hold
Give up, and know your culture is sold
Keep quiet, sit tight, don’t make ado
What’s this rackety hullabaloo?


Rashmi Gupta(116)


“Why are you still doing this job??”

She kept stirring and staring at the caffeine vapor…

“It pays you peanuts, drains your energy and drives you insane at the end of the day!”

The dark circles beneath her eyes were defied by the gleam in the hazel dew.

“Listen Mom, I am coming there next month. Get your passport in order. If you are so much in dire straits to work, you can find a decent job here too. Okay bye, take care!!”

The call ended.

The mayhem at the Morgue was enough to keep the hullabaloo in her head at bay. After all, that was the only way she could meet her dead husband, everyday.


Mandappa KC (119)


Joker licked his lips, with a smile across his face.

The interrogator screamed in rage.

“What the fuck is this hullabaloo about. Your death sentence is in 24 hours and I can’t fucking believe you’re smiling.”

Joker’s smile broadened.

The interrogator banged his fists on the table. “This time you’re not getting away.”

He slams the door shut and joins his colleagues on the other side of the one way mirror.

Joker stares at them intently, smiling, like he can see through.

They watch him, a tad scared.

The interrogator still beamed at him, with a “what-the-fuck-can-you-do?” expression.

Joker smiles. They can’t hear him say.

“This is your hullabaloo. Fuck you too.”


They’re blown to bits. He’s free.


Seema Kashyap (120)


Kashiram was reclining on his charpaayi on a hot summer day, thinking of everything and nothing in particular. He had placed the charpaayi under the shade of the biggest mango tree in the orchard, yet sweat dribbled down his back and disappeared into his dhoti every few minutes. Suddenly he heard a cackle of kids screams and shouts. Cursing, he rose up in a somnambulance of a summer afternoon, lifted his lathi and lumbered towards the voices. The neighborhood kids were his worst enemies- always trying to steal his mangoes. “Stop this bloody hullaballoo, get out..!”, he shouted as he emerged from the trees…only to come face to face with the meanest looking cobra he had ever seen! Hissssss! “AAAgh”!









The cotton ear-plugs and the thick woolen muffler wrapped around my ears failed to stop this great commotion. I had not been able to sleep for past three nights due to this pandemonium.

What’s this hullabaloo, Jane, I asked her assuming that being a human, she must be knowing why these village people were creating such uproar.

-Oh Monkey, they are celebrating Dipawali, the festival of light.

But why are they spoiling our peace. We also celebrate, but tell me Jane, have we ever disturbed their peace?


Ruchika Bajoria(114)


“Ruchiiii, come back here! No safari park for you!”

“Uff Amu, why are you yelling? And STOP running around both of you!”

Amu looked at her masi petulantly and said, “but, but, she has my book! And I was reading it!”

“But, but, di isn’t playing with us. All she does is put her nose in her books! Ughh.”

Smriti looked at them carefully. Neither showed any sign of relenting. “Ruchi, give Amu her book.”

“I knew you would say that. But me and mini need a third person to play!”

“I don’t want to play! Now give me my book.”

“I wont, I wont!”



Smriti sighed! The hullabaloo had started again!


Priyanka Chakraborty(107)


“We need to take her to the hospital..she’s in labor..”
“I know mom..am trying to get through to the doctor..”
“Aaayyiiiaaahhh…forget the doc…get me into the ward first..”
“Yeaa darling..am taking out the car..hang on..”
“You are going to drive..?? Isn’t that dangerous..”
“Dad, its 2:45 in the morning, we won’t get a taxi..”
“Just go…go go…aaaaaaarrrgghh..”
“Ok, ok..calm down..we are in charge now”
“Someone call the doc…”
“Where’s my hubby…where’s my doctor…shittttttt…yyaaarrgghhh..”
“Doc’s here…I’m here baby…don’t worry..”
“Yes, don’t worry..you are doing good…ok..one more push..that’s a good girl..”
A cry to outdo all that hullabaloo..and smiles all around.. “It’s a girl”



Richa Gupta(104)


” this is just my reflection on the financial chaos in the US and the insecurity and fear everyone is living with everyday. specially us, the ex-pats in the financial sector”

The market crashed
The banks collapsed
What a mess, what a to do
Everywhere a big hullabaloo
Debates and fights in the senate
700 billion dollars they want
The big financial giants we shall rescue
What a mess, what a hullabaloo
I am just glad I have a job
Never shall I complain about it again
At least I have food on the table for two
I am not caught in this hullabaloo

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