Klash of the Konfessioners

From The Klash Archive- “Infidelity”

187 words on Infidelity by Richa Gupta, 167 by Nikhil Panikar and 166 by Nikhil Mahajan. I wonder when was the 120 words limit introduced!



n. pl. in·fi·del·i·ties

  1. a. Unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, especially a spouse.  b. An act of sexual unfaithfulness.
  2. Lack of fidelity or loyalty.
  3. Lack of religious belief.


The rays of night lamp were falling on her face.
She was in deep sleep.
Her face had a childlike innocence.
Calm, serene, pure.
She was smiling in sleep.
Probably she was dreaming.
She looked almost divine
Was this the effect of the light falling on her?
I once again opened the crumpled piece of paper
which I had snatched from Damu
just when he was going to deliver it to our neighbor.

“Dear Nik ,
M is going on tour.
Won’t be back before midnight.
Come tomorrow at 9 when rishi will be in school.
Yours P”

I once again looked at her face.
Should I believe her face
Or this moist crumpled piece of paper?
I tore the paper and started packing my briefcase for tomorrow’s tour.

Nikhil Panicker(167)

Even though he had been expecting it, her words broke him;they were kind but mercilessly brutal,soft but shattering,ashamed yet unwavering…She loved somebody else now…”Over the past few weeks, weve drifted apart idontseethisgoinganywhere, lets still be…”
The monsterous,ugly side of his ego reared its ugly head.”Why that fucking whore!
I’ll ruin her! Ill kill her..I’ll….”.and all of a sudden , a second voice,quiet,steady,low,spoke,”Did you not offer to compromise on your job in order to be with her,Did you not turn down the offer for promotion and reallocation?When did you decide that your goals were secondary?What purpose did you seek to achieve?To become a stagnating 9 to 5 house-husband?”You not only lost your
self respect,but commited the ultimate sin;You maintained a facade of self respect.How could she respect you??You displayed infidelity towards your goals,your life,your God damned Soul! How could you expect her to be faithful to you,when even you weren’t?

Nikhil Mahajan(166)

Rakesh was sitting on his old, wooden chair looking up at the slowly rotating fan.
Tears in his eyes, he was wondering about that one moment when he cheated on his loving and unflinchingly faithful wife, Jaya. Life always offers us a moment, where we can either give in to our desires or just cling on to people we love. Maybe the young girl in a yellow sari who wanted to act in his movie swept him off his feet and the 10 minute meeting ended up in a 10 month torrid affair which ended when Jaya saw him in bed with her last night. Jaya never had thought that Rakesh would cheat on her. Without speaking a word further she left the room.
It had been 10 hrs since she had left. Rakesh was sitting on his old, wooden chair looking up at the slowly rotating fan and Jaya who was rotating with the fan.
He was infidel to her. She was infidel to life.

Richa Gupta(187)

All my growing years I wanted…I waited to fall in love
It was a wish, a prayer, a desire and all above
But today I find myself asking”what is love? Is love all encompassing, all forgiving or can one be infidel but still love?”
“Is love all jealousy, insecurity, not knowing where it will end?
Too proud and egotistical to even pretend”
Is it possible to love one and lust another? Is love and lust inseperable?
Or maybe love and lust can be comparable??
Can you sleep with one yet fantasise about another? Is love born of convinience or passion?
Is it a deep rooted need or just a thing of fashion??
IS it possible to love someone so that you think your heart will burst
You are happy together yet you can’t forget your first…
Can there be infidelity in thought?????
Is love laughter or tears? Hapiness or fear? Is love crystal fragile or mountain strong?
Can it forgive your deeds no matter how wrong??
I don’t know what to do or where to go…
I just hope we survive ‘coz I “love” him so….

Sagar Epili(115)

As the 11 am sunrays beamed onto my face, my eyelids quivered. Three days in a row, I was going to miss office.
Damn! My head hurt. The hangover was bad.
I could faintly recognise the hotel room I had checked in a week back. I couldn’t stay with Neha in that house – not after she romanced my boss.
I packed and barged out in search of something.
Escapism. Yes. That is what I wanted so badly.
Three nights. Three call girls, respectively. Three bottles of Absolut. Neat.
I turned an escapist.
Infidelity? I couldn’t care less.
Did sleeping with three different women make me an infidel thrice over?
Is Neha any less infidel?  Negative.

Amandeep Parmar(107)

Sat on the slippery rock and looked at the highs and lows of the eternal blue, pinioned, as if  two lovers sharing their breath like a meal. The wet sand under my feet wanted me to stay. I took her hand and she taught me how to walk through her invitation. Her soft hands rested on my chest searching for all they could get. I closed my eyes and sank into her. Caressed her face and ran my fingers through her hair. We kissed hungrily.
I turned around and looked at a chapter. Infidelity, I wrote…”you forgot the black top that brought you to her”, she said.


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