Klash of the Konfessioners

November 3, 2010


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1.an interlacing, twining, looping, etc., of a cord, rope, or the like, drawn tight into a knob or lump, for fastening, binding, or connecting two cords together or a cord to something else.
2.a piece of ribbon or similar material tied or folded upon itself and used or worn as an ornament.
3.a group or cluster of persons or things: a knot of spectators.
4.the hard, cross-grained mass of wood at the place where a branch joins the trunk of a tree.
5.a part of this mass showing in a piece of lumber, wood panel, etc.
6.Anatomy, Zoology . a protuberance or swelling on or in a part or process, as in a muscle.
7.a protuberance in the tissue of a plant; an excrescence on a stem, branch, or root; a node or joint in a stem, esp. when of swollen form.
8.any of various fungal diseases of trees characterized by the formation of an excrescence, knob, or gnarl.
9.an involved, intricate, or difficult matter; complicated problem.
10.Nautical .
a.a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile or about 1.15 statute miles per hour.
b.a unit of 47 feet 3 inches (13.79 meters) on a log line, marked off by knots.
c.a nautical mile.
11.a bond or tie: the knot of matrimony.
12.Also called joint, node. Mathematics . in interpolation, one of the points at which the values of a function are assigned.
–verb (used with object)
13.to tie in a knot; form a knot in.
14.to secure or fasten by a knot.
15.to form protuberances, bosses, or knobs in; make knotty.
–verb (used without object)
16.to become tied or tangled in a knot.
17.to form knots or joints.
18.tie the knot, Informal . to marry: They will tie the knot in November.


Rain filtered rays peek in through the windows,
caressing and cocooning two worms in a rug.
Seeing them there, holding each other, raises its eyebrows,
arms wrapped around each other in a hug.

It lays its blanket and bathes them in gold,
binding their sleeping forms tight.
A gentle pitter patter unfolds,
their breathing mirrors the rain outside.

Smiling, watching over their huddled forms,
it gently creeps past the slumbering lot.
leaving them breathing in each others arms,
their bodies twisted in a picturesque knot.

Genuine Fake(120)

” We had a wedding to attend, that slated afternoon. Snigdha, my daughter, had arranged for my clothes, among other things.
I quickly braced the pathani and the accessories that accompanied it. The rear-view mirror of the car stared back at me, as I reminisced my own wedding and what it felt to be a groom. When Anjali walked down that aisle, the knots in my body grew in multitude and sent small shivers of joy down my spine. I smiled coyly.
The car screeched to a halt just ahead of the banquet. Snigdha looked at me and asked, “So, are you ready to renew your vows?”
I sighed and nodded positively.
Twenty-five years hence. And the knots still persisted.”

Mickey the Monkey (119)

Why are you not coming, Mickey? What’s taking you so long?
Oh Honey, it’s the Knot, it’s just not untying.
What knot?
The Churidar’s knot, it’s tied so tightly.
Who told you to wear a churidar?
What else would a monkey wear on his wedding night!
But why did you tie it so hard. I can’t wait the whole night, monkey!
Oh I thought it would fall while I was dancing, so I…..
And I thought a monkey would be smarter than a donkey. That’s why I chose you over Summer.
Hey Jane, it’s loosening.  I’m just coming.
Come again another day, Mickey. I don’t have the mood now.
But the knot is…..
Tie it around your neck, monkey!

Nandini Sen(120)

I drew Knots and Crosses table and showed it to the stranger sitting beside me. He nodded an affirmation. We both knew it was an excruciating wait. I drew my knot, and studied him while he pondered his move. Pointed chin, straight nose, knotted eyebrows and swollen right cheek – probably his reason of being there.
My name was announced. Leaving the unfinished game, I shuffled along nervously. Once inside the chamber, Dr. Raghavan smilingly asked “Hope you’re ready for your root canal”.
My stomach was in knots, knees felt wobbly. I was at the end of my rope. Mentally I tied a knot to somehow hang on, before opening my mouth wide for doctor and drill to do their work

Willy Wingfoot (113)

His tiny hands grip them blue bars,
of the gates that keep him far

His lips upturned, eyes on me
a well of tears waiting to flow

Wicked innocent schemes of his,
left dried blood on his knees,
week-old scratch on his bubbly cheeks

All of him, but three years old
but a bundle of joy, our lifetime’s hope

10-feet far,
bump in my throat
and my heart in a knot

I try and turn
away from his pleading looks
as the bell rings and the speaker sings
my son’s first school prayer hymns

Chins to his chest, quivering lips, a drop of tear
all it took to run the 10-feet stretch
hug and kiss

Sarang Mahajan(116)

What binds two diverse personalities together is a knot.
But what comes off when you tug at the wrong end is also a knot.
Some knots are tied by blood, but what fastens them is love.
Once that is gone, there’s no knot, but just the two lose ends of dangling ropes.
They may rasp against each other, again and again, but the knot is not formed.
The effort goes not in keeping your hand off the wrong cord, but in savoring the bond that is there.
Then, you can trust the knot and take merry swings above a deep valley of thorns and rocks.
For what will never come off by itself is a knot.


“Sweta, I’m having contractions please can you replace me in Karkala for 3 days?”, said my senior sobbing over the phone
Not wanting to be the cause of her preterm labour, or a bad human being, I agreed to substitute for her at the village hospital.
15 days later:
As I sleepily slid the knot down to tighten the suture I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Not a moment of peace, no help in sight. Nearly seventy consecutive hours sans sleep. The knots I tied were far better than the one I was tied into myself for until the official Head of department sends someone else here I cannot go resume my slight less insane duties.

DokSaab (92)

Gupta saale, wait a minute, my shoe-laces got loose. Let me fasten them.
-Thakur, m*d*r*h*d, someday teach me too how you tie those knots.
They are just the usual knots, Gupta saale!
-Same knots, then how come they always get loose at this point.  Whether we are coming from our room in the morning or returning from classes, your shoe laces open every time just in front of the girls’ hostel gate. Tell me how do you so accurately adjust the tension of your knots, that they  loosen here only, b*h*n*h*d Thakur.

The Iconoclast (120)

Besides the window
On the creaking old bed
Crouched and curled beneath the crumpled blanket,
With a worn golden ring,
a torn tainted foto ,
a glass of water,
There hid the most beautiful woman, I ever knew…

Silence was her speech,
Tears were her window,
I walked towards her,
gazed  for a moment or so,
Turned, wiped my tears….
Lifted and gave her wrinkled hand, the fingers of my just born only son – her great grandson..

Serendipity – She smiled
For the first time in twenty years she spoke,
Yes, With a word not uttered, She spoke…
“With a thousand woolen knots that embraced my son,
Knitted with love and last of her strength.”
And That’s My GreatGrandmother.


Dear Knots o’Hart,

Well, you have truly made my life hell. How you exist within our love, and outside our beliefs!!? One moment you’re binding us in front of the holy fire, another, the evil of you, is making me doubt the same bond. How could you exist in the good as our entwined fingers after making love, but malicious, as the Red Satin you on a gift for someone else?
Who is the true you?

Sceptic Romantic

Dear Hopeless Romantic,

I love to be a part of your life, but really, I couldn’t exist without you. I live because of your heart, your emotions. Probably, I’m just a figment of your knotty imagination!

Yours truly
Knots o’Hart

Richa (120)

“I can do it” he repeated to himself again! It was his last chance. He glanced down at his feet and saw the dark swirling blackness beneath, the ravine was at least 100feet deep. He tugged the rope tied to the big tree near by and thought about his girl, pregnant with their first child and thought of his father who had brought him to this day and anger flared deep and intense and he just let go; for a moment he felt himself in a free fall, the blackness reaching to grab him and then the rope tightened and he felt himself swing to the other side. He had done it, yes!! And then he felt the knot slipping….

Princess (115)

“What colour is your saree  gonna be?
Are the patterns in it contemporary?
Make sure your hair matches your saree
coz otherwise you’d look ordinary

Invitations havnt been sent out yet!
Caterers are to be met!
What abt the zillion other things you must get
Have you done anything yet?

The photographer, the attendant the foreman
The mehendi, the jewels and the make up
The list goes on and on and on
When are you ever gonna get all this done?”
Thus yells my mother
As the d-day draws near

But i muse about all that effort
All for a single party.
I tie the knot with the man i love
Does anything else matter?

Sowmya (120)

Shveta’s earliest memories included the knot at the end of her mother’s saree which was used for securing a coin when she offered a prayer. “You should increase it to five bucks now ma”, Shveta would say when she was nine. “God would also be hit by inflation”. Her mother would smile and continue with her habit.
“Can you not understand? If God listened to everyone with just a rupee no one would ever be miserable”, Shveta would cry in all her teenage angst but never got her mother to stop.
Now as she sat next to her frail mother, Shveta tied up a rupee coin in a knot of yellow cloth and prayed like she had never prayed before.



ruSh.Me(147) (non-kompetetive entry)

(I am really amazed how inspiration strikes after the deadline is long gone… I thought of this piece, a few minutes back, amidst thunder and lightening.. It’s way beyond the word limit, so I was wondering if you could include it as a non-competitive entry. I would love get some kritique on it..)

“Could you at least help me with this Windsor, or is it too much to fit in you busy schedule?”
It was their anniversary, and like most days, it dawned with an argument. But she smirked as she saw him putting on her favourite shirt and tie.
As she brought the wide end over and through the loop, he inched forward, shadowing her. Her smiling gaze met his, as she, nonchalantly, took it forward and looped on the right side.
As she wrapped the wide end in the front, he raised his arms around her on the table, caging her. She, determined not to get affected by his sensual morning freshness, took the end down through the front loop.
As she gently tugged the wide end to finish the knot, he lingered on, his lips teasing her. She smiled and wondered how one knot can unravel another…


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